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The Lover’s Grief



Promises of love, wrapped in blossoms attached to thorny stems.

With a timid grasp I am pricked, bleeding, the pain outweighing pleasure, while you remain silent in my grief.

For a hundred years I would devote myself to you, giving you all I am. Tears take the usual course, the heart is confused,

Hungers as an empty belly. Where do I place my devotion? For you have required it,

Promised its return and sealed it with hope. Counterfeit dreams rob the night of stars to

Wish upon, and still I hold to you.



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Paper Doll




His words caught her eye,

She’d read a poem, story or both

Before the ink was dry she’d sent him a little note


She cut him from the page

Said, “yes, I think you’ll do”

Dressed him in her mind the way she wanted to


She keeps him in a drawer

Pulls him out when she wants to play

She tells him that she loves him,

That he’ll be real one day


Two dimensions are more fun

The rules are easy to make

He hopes when she unfolds him next,

His paper heart won’t break



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The Way to Beautiful




I’m not always about writing rhyming poetry but there are plenty on this blog that do rhyme and plenty of others on here that don’t. This one rhymes.  Feel free to share your thoughts on rhyming vs. non-rhyming poetry.  What’s your preference? If you write poetry, do you let rhyming lead you through the poem? Oh yeah, I want to hear all about it!


Wistful wants and wishes

She dreams like a child

Lingering in her smile is mischief running wild


I’d like to know her name, I’d like to know her heart

I’d like to know the whispers she shares with the dark


Free as a raging fire

Burning without end

She dances like a paper moon in a friendly wind


She takes my heart away, she holds me with her smile

She captures me in a glance of unhidden beguile


She is beautiful, oh so beautiful

That’s what I’ll call her by

I’m looking for the way to Beautiful tonight


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