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Down In This Place




I’m down in this place

Where the fish won’t bite

Where the music won’t play

Staring at a yellow moon of

Fear and fantasy today


I’m down in this place

Let the fortune makers know

Jam is in my window seals

Death is in the dough

Funny how we get our thrills


On and on we go

Yeah, on and on we go


I’m down in this place

The punch is spiked with grief

Catch a ride on the tilt-a-whirl

Best ride at the fair, save Sallie

Yeah, she’s your happy girl


I’m down in this place

Cream floats to the top

It’s all good til you realize

You’ve had your last drop

Swallow that mouthful of lies


On and on we go

Yeah, on and on we go



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The Other One



He approached, she accepted. Hands touched, the feeling electric. She reached in for a kiss, his eagerness for her revealing itself with the hunger of man who wanted to be fed. Courageous with her heart, she poured her love out like warmed sweet cream butter, hot and thick, its taste sufficient to satisfy.

Time desired to flow into eternity this way, but for the other one.

The other one held his sway through masterly manipulation, striking fear in him knowing his limitations better; not to mention a ring and those long-ago regrettable vows. She had a keen awareness of his paranoia and like a vulture picking at a roadside carcass, attacked his anxieties and insecurities. Even when a day of certain freedom was offered to him he couldn’t take hold of it because he knew she held his greatest treasures in her pocket; otherwise, by his own confession, he would have seized freedom long ago.

She forced his affections to lean her direction, well practiced in the art of emotional extortion but still he had a choice. He chose to be her puppet. He failed to have the guts for glory, allowing defeat to prickle the path of least resistance he must now walk.

Should his mind wander to those thoughts of momentary happiness, comfort and deep satisfaction he’d once sought, he can only try to soothe himself with a cold blanket of regret. After all, fear is powerful but cowardice deserves nothing more than the ever-present longing for that which has slipped through the fingers like dust.



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The Unsolicited



Do you ever write something and truly have no clue where it came from, why the words oozed onto the page while you struggled to grasp their meaning, even though the need to write them seemed ever so pressing at the time? Oftentimes I think writers are a bit porous. We absorb our surroundings, whether it’s intentional or not. We ‘soak’ up conversations, attitudes, and the gestures of those around us. We see and then somehow take away warm pieces of sunsets, the fragrance emanating from fields of wildflowers and the pain and heartbreak of the suffering. Maybe we don’t realize we’ve even done so until words begin to find themselves pecked out onto a computer screen, making no sense to the writer at the time and yet trusting there is meaning.

I wrote this piece, still not having gained an understanding, believing there must be meaning in it I’ve yet to discover. It came out like water bubbling up from a natural spring.


The guiltless are full of treason,

Spotless, they’ll claim

you’d better know better

Their trust cannot be earned or gained


The fallout of their conspiratorial dialogue is evidence enough of their treacherous plot

Read the words they have tattooed in their eyelids

Do you still doubt?

Fine then…Follow them like sheep to slaughter

Fickle, bickering, hollow of heart


I am unsettled by this knowledge

You should be, too


I couldn’t even title it because of my uncertainty – maybe you can suggest one? Anything of meaning come to you when you read it? Love to hear your thoughts on unsolicited material that pops into your mind – just what do you do with it?


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Amethyst Dreams


 butterflies,NVTOfficeClips,stars,tattoo designs,decorative elements

In this envelope of the cosmos, unsealed by the nimble fingers of time, where the Divine brushes the ordinary, a breath releases its destiny

Let one sigh wind its way through the atmosphere to fall against the naked lobe of a lover

Infinity is only unattainable if limitations are imposed –

What are your impositions?


Allow the caress of movement to be the guide; else faultless dust will land on the stoic

Fearless fortunes are made or broken this way


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Experimental Morals


Do you like to experiment with your writing? Allow yourself to write ‘freely’ and see what happens? Sometimes I just want to be different and strange and if the shoe fits, weird.  I grew up loving Aesop’s Fables.  In my attempt to pay homage to those little moral tidbits, I allowed myself to write a fable of contrived moral strife from a contrived book of fables with ensuing lesson.  The following is the result…

concepts,flowers,hearts,knives,NVTOfficeClips,roses,snakes,sunbursts,swordssymbols,tattoo designs


(Excerpt from an unpublished, unknown, fictitious book called “Fables of Folly”)

Slithering in the grass, quiet and unnoticed, eager to find the prey you hunger for  –  There, just across the way, she is as ripened fruit dangling from a low-hanging branch. You admire her, look her over – ah, she is blemished, weakened by some undetermined nature; even better you decide. Damaged prey is easy prey. Your senses tell you the time to strike is nigh – your movements are calculating, precise and unstoppable. You begin to consume her without thought, devouring the beauty before you, but you underestimated her. She was stronger than you had believed. Her body was soft but her spirit was fierce. Unable to defeat her and worse yet, let her go, you both succumb.

Moral: A dark heart of desire may be one’s own ruin.


Do tell – do you allow yourself to free write anything or do you strictly adhere to working on a piece your committed to, one project at a time? What are your thoughts on slithering snakes? How about morality? Anything you’d like to share, I’ll happily devour…


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