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A shift in the atmosphere, a transition, provocative this one.


A twisting angry wind grabbed hold, refusing to let go.


Should have been seconds, maybe minutes, never hours or days without a reprieve.


We were all different after those winds blew in.  The air was clean but changed.


Never again did we look at one another the same.



Sometimes the storm comes from within – sometimes it’s a literal storm. It’s amazing how strengthened we are after surviving either of these. Penny for your thoughts…


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 Red hearts among white hearts

The distance was thought to be too far,

The river too wide to cross,

The mountain too high to climb

It’d be easier to accept the loss


Given the doubt that remained between, all dreams once known now unseen, passion left behind for less than friendship it seems; surely there are better things


Then the curtain lifted high, new eyes to view the room; an ember, smothered beneath the ashes, now burns a vibrant hue


Dust is knocked from weathered feet, clean steps a gift given to pursue and surely as the sun shall rise, my heart belongs to you…


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Tortured Artist?


Writers have long been plagued with the notion that in order to write well one must be tortured, either by their past or their present. There have been plenty of times I admit to buying into the idea of needing to be in a dark place, allowing the pain to present itself to the paper with the only form of expression I know to obtain relief – the written word. While I do think pain is especially provocative and stimulating for a writer, I don’t think it’s necessary for a writer to write well. I won’t argue with the songwriter who says they wrote their best sad songs while depressed or drunk. There’s plenty of evidence to prove them correct. Even Hemingway is quoted with saying “…all one has to do to write is to sit at a typewriter and bleed,” but do we have to be in a place of emotional hell to write deep, meaningful or painful writing? We need to be able to have balance in our lives don’t we, to be able to write all forms of emotion, even while in a very happy place in one’s life? To put this idea to a little test, I wrote the following.

bulbs,Christmas,decorative elements,ornaments,trees,evergreens,holidays,special occasionsTis the Season…


Giddy from the butterflies that light from dawn to dusk,

Drunk on wine sweetened with the ripened fruit of lust.


She didn’t catch herself before she fell – too late she’s going down

Her heart is full of summer, her soul is winter bound.


He whispered with a silver tongue, dreams made for two

Until fear grabbed him tight, former promises now untrue.


Ruined he’d be, in his little town of ten – what would people think?

Oh, what would they think of him?

A king of a man, fallen from his pedestal on high, surely he’s not capable of

Living such a lie?

It must be the wretch; she’s the reason for his fall

Why else would he stray, why else, after all?


No matter that he pretends no damage has been done

He’ll always know in the quiet moments that he lost ‘the one’


She’s always wanted a Christmas tree adorned with ornamental balls

Since his seem sure to fit the bill, now she knows who to call


Okay – so I made light of the situation in the end, but I was shooting for spitefulness. Do you think I lost my ability to stay focused on the intensity of the original sentiment? Do you think we write better when experiencing personal difficulties? Are there any happy writers out there? What are your thoughts on the matter?




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You’ve been a lot of fun, now off you go

I may have said I love you, but it was all for show

With tiny graceful feet, I’ll walk you through and through

Wisdom now affords you all those things you wished you knew

Before I settled on your lap, before the days of happenstance

Before the penetrating wand of discovery,

My ways of disregarding emotional usury

Golden rays distorted time; I placed my back against the earth

Delusional value delivered up countless good –

Funny how we think worthless trinkets have worth


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Celebration and Shout-Outs!


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One of the greatest bonuses to blogging is the opportunity to interact with some awesome people. In the world of bloggers who are also writers of fiction, poetry and songs there are some very creative folks who endlessly inspire me. What I love is that we may all come from different backgrounds, be of different cultures, straight, gay, Christian, atheist, believe in aliens, believe in nothing or everything – doesn’t matter. We can read one another’s work and judge the work, allowing it to stand for itself, its creativity and style. When I read something that a writer has poured their big ole writer’s heart into, I don’t care if you have neon green hair and decorate your square foot of Earth with spaghetti noodles. I’m reading your words – maybe they’re a direct reflection of you, maybe not. You can be as anonymous as you want in this regard.


I’ve written about writer support before, but this goes deeper. This goes to respect – for the work, no matter your politics or religion, social standing or economic status. If I hadn’t started blogging I would have missed out on YOU, and I would never want that!


I’m a little over-the-top excited because I’ve hit a milestone – surpassing 10,000 views to my blog and I want to thank some folks. So let’s celebrate together! Each one of you is topnotch in my book, wonderful to share your ideas with and chat with from time to time. I’m grateful in every way that you have stopped by at some point or another with a kind word or a ‘like’ to a post.

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 (me, when I saw my view count!)

Some of you have been such amazing supporters of my blog that I think some shout-outs are in order!


Carrie Rubin: Okay folks, if you’re not following her blog, The Write Transition, you are missing out on a witty, funny, diabolical mind. She will soon be a published author of a medical thriller but in reading her blog you’ll be convinced her forte is humor. I can’t wait to read her novel and see the other side of this brilliant chick!


Mike Schulenberg: His Realms of Perilous Wonder blog is nothing short of genius. This fabulous human is entertaining, intelligent, funny and very considerate. I’ve got a feeling his WIP is going to knock our socks off – can’t wait ‘til he finishes his book.


David in Maine (as he refers to himself): The Haiku master and so extremely helpful to me with my blog. A real friend and all-around great fella. If you are looking for uplifting Haiku to brighten your day, check out Five Reflections.


Scott Morgan: Must, must, must check Scott’s blog and website, Write Hook if you are writing anything! Scott is my editor for my upcoming collection of short stories and he knows his stuff. If you find the words “damn, shit, hell or fuck” offensive, get over it. He’s a straight talker with a potty mouth and a brilliant mind and I love him to death. If you want an honest assessment of your writing, if you are looking to learn more about character building plus be entertained by his own great story-telling abilities, this guy is one to follow and his website is the place for you.


Elliot: One of my favorite English transplants, his blog, Brain Splats is entertaining, informative and fun. He is great to respond to comments and heck of a smart guy.


J. Scott Sharp: Jason is one of these guys that oozes nice and he has been supportive of me from the beginning. He’s published several short stories of his own and always has a kind word. A great fella to follow on Twitter by the way! I’m lucky to call him a friend! Please go by his blog at J. Scott Sharp.


Julie Frayn: Julie is a brainy chickadee who somehow manages to make grammar the sexiest thing going. She has a couple of WIPs in the works. I’ve had the pleasure of reading a couple of her short stories and wow – they are great! Find her at JulieBird.


Sean P. Farley: Another one of my earliest supporters and I’m one of his biggest fans! I love his honesty as a blogger, admitting when he needs a push to write and sharing those fears we all have as writers. He’s super talented and kind. Find him at Boulder Uphill.


Don Carroll: A poet who’s support has been unwavering. I can always count on Don for an assessment of my work and a kind word. Find Don and his poetic musings at Poetics- Cool Out of the Rafters


M.G. Edwards: World traveler and author – this guy is amazing! His blog, World Adventurers, is full of pictures and information you won’t get anywhere else – after reading one of his posts, you’ll feel like you’ve been where he’s been, walked where he’s walked!


Garden Summerland: Talk about a fresh breath of air. Garden is as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside, and what a writer! She’s got books available and then offers countless flash pieces on her blog, Flash Fiction Addiction, for everyone to enjoy.



Other bloggers to check out:

Read Between the Minds

My Tangerine Day

Legion Writer

Resurrected Writer


Dean J. Baker (brilliant poet!)

Single Again


Voice Deep Inside

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Hasty Words



If I’ve left you out this round, please know I didn’t do it on purpose. I’m thankful to know all of you and so glad you take the time to stop by, read a post and comment. Thanks to each and every one of you for helping me reach a blogging milestone!

How about you? Any blogging moments or milestones you’d like to share?


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Friendship, Features and Fun


First and foremost I want to thank Mike Schulenberg, friend extraordinaire, for all his help when my internet connection went a little bonkers last week. I was ecstatic to see my blog post, “Mood Music” featured on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed and then tortured that I wasn’t able to respond right away to the majority of comments until later. So thank you, Mike, for posting on my behalf to explain the situation.  I am truly grateful for all of you who took the time to look at, read, or comment on my post. You are all very much appreciated!


I got some great news, too, that my poem “A Fragile Pirate” is going to be featured on Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog in October!  She previously published my flash piece called “Baby Fat.”


I recently spent some time at the beach – I haven’t had my toes in the sand in a very long time and am allowing the experience to influence my writing a bit. Please indulge me. I was listening to the music below as I wrote, so I thought I would include for you to enjoy, as well.


One Grain by Sheila Pierson


Angry waves slap fearful flesh,

My feet fight to stand on the shifting ground beneath


Life washes in and out like the tide, foamy bubbles of

Happiness, grief and silence rise to the surface, making an

Appearance of importance


If I drown in your salty skin will you absorb me?

Take me then, down to the depths of your seduction

Entreat my bones to give up their fleshy covering

Give me over to the inhabitants of your world,

Your thunderous roar covers my cries of surrender


It is with this, as with need and hunger, and all that wills the soul

To reach and gnaw and feed on that which is prey



How’s your week going? How’s your writing going? Please share…