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Sometimes we get off track, chasing shiny things

We think it’s what we want, we think it’s what we need

We act like someone we’re not, the ego gets in the way

Lesson learned, and we return, wiser at the end of the day

No sense in beating yourself up, no sense in getting down

Be glad for sinking sand, let’s you recognize solid ground

The Wildflower Effect




And she stood, spindly-legged and reaching for the sun, her arms skinny stems and leaves bruised by the thorns of the roses that surrounded her, her petals imperfect, yet she grew tall and strong, and as she pushed through the woody perennials and their crude prickles, her bloom was the one that stood out from the gardener’s ribbon-winning varieties. Her bloom was the one admired by the passersby, and it was her bloom that outshone all the darling buds once believed to hold perfection in their petals. It was her bloom that thrived out of pure determination and the heart of a wildflower.



(photo credit: <a href=””>jenny downing</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;)

An Inspired Woman



She is everything, subtle and bold

She is the tiger and the tamer,

The demon and the soul

A little girl, dancing in the rain

A woman full on, rising from a flame


(photo credit: <a href=””>Pensiero</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;)

Good Girl


I haven’t posted a song lyric in a while, and maybe it’s a stretch to call this one, but here it is:


Danger’s in your wayward kiss

Filled with hunger, tastes of bliss

Get me to a safer place

The trap, the cage, is your embrace


You’re the myth I believed

I took a bite of love-lost grief

Gotta leave this place behind

Gotta find some peace of mind


Tell me how we were both wrong

Seems to be your favorite song

In a single solitary sigh

What once was truth became a lie


I was no saint but e’er I sinned for a foolish boy with a cocky grin

The ways you taught me ne’er I been, what we were won’t be again

Hope you’ve learned from all we had, never make a good girl go bad


If I could get to where you are

A sad state is where I’d be

I’ll stay happy where I am

Only misery loves company


I’ve prayed the Lord my soul to keep, resting easy in my sleep

You no longer feed my dreams, the price I paid much too steep

Hope you’ve learned from all we had, never make a good girl go bad


At the End Of the Day





You are the one I should run from,

Yet I continue to run to you;

A bad boy of epic proportions, and I smile

When you flirt, rivulets of destiny coursing

Across the landscape, leading to you…

I see you standing there and think you must

Taste like crushed sunshine on the rocks,

Poured into a tall glass for me to drink up


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