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Daily Writing


I’m always on the hunt for places to submit work to. For one thing, I want to be read by others.  For another, in finding new and exciting opportunities, it keeps me encouraged and motivated. Another reason, and probably the best one, is that I think it’s important to write something everyday. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, but I am amazed sometimes in how jotting down little bits of something today can unlock a world of creation tomorrow. Some of the places I’ve sought out have deadlines, which is even better because if I accept the challenge, then I must follow through and complete it. It puts a little added pressure on me that I admit I need from time to time.

One place I like to submit work to is Yahoo! Voices Contributor Network. They provide opportunities for both fiction pieces and non-fiction articles. I like taking advantage of the non-fiction articles because it’s the area I feel is my weakest. Assignments are offered and you choose to accept or decline them. Submission guidelines are given, along with the deadline date. An editor reviews your submission and chooses whether to decline or publish your article.

You can be paid for the writing you do for them, but it’s based on how many views you get to your articles and it takes quite a lot of views before even a token amount is paid out. Let’s just say, I haven’t even needed to be concerned about this particular aspect of the process.

If you’re looking for an outlet that allows you to accept assignments and write on a regular basis, this is a good one in my opinion. If you wanted to, you could literally write something for them every day – it’s pretty much unlimited.

I’ve had three of my four submissions published on Yahoo!Voices thus far, two of those being non-fiction articles. If you are interested in reading my latest submission you can find it here:

The Final Feast  – This is my first attempt at a sci-fi flash piece.  Feedback is always welcome 🙂

The Little Things


Leaping, dancing, joyful muse

I know the story’s end

What to be of destiny?

You believe and I’ll pretend.

Does the blue-tailed lizard, even the red-tinged ant

Know the life before them?

Is their time well spent?

Following paths of sacred feet

Come before this young-old bride

Searching the ground for fooler’s gold

A test set forth by Pride


Gypsy ways whisper their worth

Young girls cry lovelorn tears

What could either know of truth?

Drink and drink and drink your beers

Tick-tock, tick-tock go the years…

I Am a Mother


I’m a mother of sons. My oldest is quite tall for his age. He’s a very good boy. This isn’t motherly bias. Survey anyone who’s ever met the child. Not a bad word would be spoken against him. He’s kind to everyone he meets, considerate and thoughtful. I can’t take credit for his good nature, but I’m grateful for it.

I’ve always advised my sons to take up for themselves.  I’ve actually uttered the words, “If  you believe in your purpose, stand up for that purpose.”  My oldest son is in his pre-teen years, just a boy finding his way in a jaded world, where guilt is presumed by the very nature of an article of clothing. I fear this kind of world for my boys.

One day he will be 17, most certainly 6 feet tall. He may be walking along a sidewalk when an overly-eager, authority-seeking, but cowardly, armed man approaches him. I hope that isn’t the day he chooses to stand up for himself, to believe in his purpose. I would rather him run and live than be brave and die. On that day, I would be selfish and desperate and just be a mother who wants her son…to live.

A Word Uttered Cannot be Taken BackAfrican Proverb Quotes

My children listen to me…What shall I tell them now?

Bread and Butter


This is a piece of flash fiction I submitted to Yahoo! Contributor. It was rejected and the only reason given for the rejection was the name of the title. In the guidelines for submission, it said to write a flash fiction story of any genre and be creative. I’m uncertain as to the problem with its name, but if you read it and feel the name of the story is a problem, please leave your comments. Thanks!

No potty-mouthed child was going to be allowed to sit at Esther Britt’s table for Sunday dinner and get away with it. She didn’t put up with that kind of talk and wasn’t about to start now, no matter whose child it was. And in this case, it was the Mayor’s youngest son, Will, age 8. Esther decided he wouldn’t make it to 9 if he kept up his antics.

She hosted dinner every Sunday for her family. Occasionally, they brought friends. Her niece met Mayor Elvin Rodgers at a campaign party and they hit it off. He was divorced and good-looking, and she was single and looking for someone good-looking so it worked out quite nicely. However, that child of his was in need of some serious discipline.

Esther watched him as she continued to put food on the table. He turned his nose up at the roast and potatoes, the green beans, the corn on the cob, the collard greens, the cornbread, and well everything. He started making noises of disgust every time she sat another dish on the table. Finally, he couldn’t contain himself. “Ewwwww! That looks like something a dog would throw up.”

The Mayor shook his head at the boy and gave one of those meaningless threatening looks that helpless parents sometimes give, but he never did take the boy from the room to correct him. Esther’s niece only smiled at Esther in a way that said, “Please don’t make a scene.” Esther had a different idea. She went to the kitchen and prepared a special plate for the child.

“Will, I made this especially for you. You won’t be eating any of this disgusting food on the table. No sir! I’ve got just the thing for you.” She sat his plate and a glass of juice in front of him. On the plate was a single piece of white bread with one pat of butter.

“I’m not eating that. It’s only bread. I want some of that meat now.”

“No, no, no, Will. I wouldn’t have you suffering through none of that. You eat your bread and butter.”

The boy looked at his father. His father looked at Esther. Esther smiled at them both and said a prayer of thanks under her breath. She was thankful she still had some Castor Oil in the cabinet and that the boy loved grape juice.



Willful petulance spreads amongst the roses until the petals fall from thorned stems

You and I were destined for the thorns

Rise up now, bloodied from flora’s battle

Rise up and heal

Scars left from broken romance form the strongest bonds of destiny,

Preparing the heart…for the truest kind of love

The Lucky 7 Meme: Oh My…


My writer friend Mike Schulenberg  has tagged me for The Lucky 7 Meme.  Thank you Mike! Oh, the  pressure!!!

These are the rules:

1. Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs, and post them as they’re written.
4. Tag 7 authors, and let them know.

The idea is to share a bit of my Work-in-Progress and then you get to do the same….

(Here’s an excerpt from the first draft of my WIP, a paranormal thriller):

Sweating, gasping, fearful, he awoke…thankful it was just a dream. “Get a grip.”  Rough nights equal rough dreams, he supposed.

The worn couch he rested on was unkind to the injuries he suffered the night before. He should’ve taken Simon’s advice – that girl wasn’t worth it. But pain wasn’t the problem right now.  An unbearable itch forced him to claw his arms. It was maddening, as if a thousand hairy caterpillars were tunneling up his legs and arms, converging in his abdomen. Heat wrapped itself around his neck and face.  His gut churned. He reached the toilet to vomit something white, slimy and squirming.  Maggots?…How?…Why? His fear returned.

The dream…it was real.

Okay – so my little tidbit, as rough as it may be…and no it isn’t 7 lines, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs, but it’s what worked for me to share 🙂

My choice for the next Lucky Seven:

1. Carrie Rubin

2. Sean P. Farley

3. Garden Summerland

4. Janine Caldwell

5. John D. Kenworthy

6.Emma Byford

7. Brandon Luffman

If you want to play and your WIP doesn’t have 77 pages, I’m sure 7 lines from page 7 will work out just fine! Okay, guys, your turn!

I Got A Liebster Award


Wow! I am so excited because three of my favorite bloggers, J. Scott Sharp, Julie Frayn and Sean P. Farley awarded me with a Liebster! Each one of these rascals is a gift in my eyes, and I’m grateful to know them.  All three of them have shown unconditional support for me on Twitter and for my writing. There’s no way I can express how much that means to me (I’m only a writer after all), but just know that you are so appreciated.

My understanding is that the Liebster Award is for those blogs with 200 followers or less, thus giving some much needed attention and blog love to those just getting off the ground.  Now some of you I’ve awarded probably far surpassed 200 followers a while ago, but I think you’re special! So I’d like to award the following with a Liebster of their own:

1. Mike Schulenberg Great guy with a terrific blog, writing away on his WIP in his secret volcano base.

2. John D. Kenworthy John is an amazing author, but what you may not know is that he is the founder of an organization called Brick by Brick for Tanzania!, Inc. , building preschools for children in Tanzania, Africa.

3. Steven Luna Novelist and self-proclaimed dork – What’s not to like?

4. Rachel Horwitz A writer and blogger. Once you read a couple of her blog posts, you’ll know why she deserves this award and many others!

5.Janine Caldwell YA Fantasy Author whose books are now available! Super nice gal, too!

To Accept the Award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you on your blog and link back to them.

2. Nominate up to 5 others for the award.

3. Let them know by commenting on your blog.

4. Post the award on your blog.

Thanks guys and I’m blessed to know each one of you! Happy awarding, blogging, tweeting and writing!

Promised Heart


I’ve gone the way of every heart

That knows blindness for its curse

Joy will leap in bounds and fearlessness

For the prize is never the purse;

Inside this restless soul

Yours I run to seek

And rest will come I know

In your promised love to keep…

Submissions, Rejections and Sometimes…Acceptance!


I have been working very hard lately. Besides the collection of short stories I’m putting together, I’ve also been submitting fiction and non-fiction articles for consideration to practically everywhere! When I decided to chase this dream, I decided I was going for it all the way. Therefore, I’m hunting every opportunity to get work published. Of course, for every acceptance letter I get, three rejection letters follow. That’s okay. A dear friend told me to keep those rejection letters and use them to keep me motivated. I’m following his advice.

One recent success I’ve had is with a story called Baby Fat that I submitted to Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog for her Flash Fiction Fridays. In fact, it will be published to her blog this Friday! It will also run as a podcast April 22.  If you haven’t checked out Morgen’s blog, you are missing out on a true plethora of writing information and content you won’t find anywhere else. It’s all there!

My point is to encourage you. We write, we re-write, we submit and then we wait. And sometimes we get good news so we celebrate!

All the Info:

Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog

Morgen Bailey’s Books –