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Between Us


There are days when the words fall softly down upon me like a slow, sweaty rain on a warm summer day.  And then there are days where the words beat and torment, yielding pellets of stinging splatters that refuse to land in one puddle, deflecting linear thought completely. This was a soft day, and the words were a balm to the year’s wounds, where effort was relaxed and the pen enjoyed the rhythm. I wrote one complete short story and three poems today. I am sharing one of those with you now. How do you describe your writing days? Does your writing come on gentle breezes or on gusts of tormenting winds?


Between Us

We sit with little words between us,

Those that echo across empty rooms

To enforce the sentiment that bears

The burden of our own thoughts


Carry me away with you, to that place

Where once we loved to gather

An existence of newfound truth,

Oh, the glory of the past perplexing

The reality of the present


Circumstances beyond reasoning,

Beyond the control of the mind,

At the mercy of the heart

And the little words between us


Reflections and Dreams



This post is a bit of a mish-mash of thoughts. First, thank you all for reading this little bit of me. My blog is a personal reflection of the things in my head, the characters that speak to me, and the visions I have of a fictitious world that I enjoy sharing with you. I appreciate every moment of time you spend here. When I started this journey, I was a little nervous about putting work into the blogosphere, putting myself out there to be critiqued and judged. When I was Freshly Pressed for the post, “Mood Music,” I was blown away by the responses and number of views. It was exciting and humbling. I’ve found in blogging a very supportive community and I am so very thankful I took the chance and I am so thankful for each of you.

One of my goals was to publish a book by the end of this year. I’m so thrilled I’ve achieved that goal with the 5-star reviewed, “Marked: Collected Ramblings.”  I am very excited to be working on new projects, one of them being a book of flash fiction based on black and white photographs my mother has taken. Her photographs will be included in the book. To see examples of her work, please visit Linda Segerson Photography.

Another project is a book of poetry and another book of short stories/flash fiction. I also have a novel in mind – very scary project for me. The novel is absolutely intimidating to me, and if this one comes together as I envision, it may possibly work into a trilogy – very, very daunting for me to even think about, but I’ve already started some free writing and research for it. I’m not putting too much pressure on myself for this particular project, though, because I know me – I know that I don’t outline, which seems would automatically make the task more challenging. Plus, I must really ‘feel’ the writing, love the story and enjoy the work or I won’t finish it. If all those things come together, well then book magic may ensue.

One realization I’ve come to is that I can be brave in my writing and I will be. My editor, Scott Morgan of Write Hook says to “write for the jugular” and that’s what I intend to do. I won’t hold back, and I will be authentic for both the characters and the story. I will not fear criticism, she says, clearly determined to make herself believe.

As I see it, 2013 is full of promise and possibility – why not dream big and plan big? I wish for you all a happy new year and that you all pursue your dreams to the fullest. So, want to share some of yours for the new year? Any big plans, writing or otherwise? I would love to hear all about it!

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This one is for you, M.G. Edwards. Merry Christmas!


I was asked to write a piece about happiness and cheer

With lines of light and love, no grief or despair

I struggled to find the words that led to hopeful rhyme

Could I find no joy to write of here at Christmastime?


I dream of snow in mounds, but the sun is shining bright

Hot chocolate without a chill somehow doesn’t seem right

The lawn is decorated with yellow dandelions

Shouldn’t it feel like winter here at Christmastime?


Human failings bring to pass all that’s wrong with the world

If I could only return to days before innocence unfurled

Drifts of painful memories slow the rise of a joyful tide

Does my soul have a hope of healing here at Christmastime?


Perhaps I need to begin anew, give myself a fresh start

Find the spirit of the season by looking to the heart

What if the miracle I’m looking for is mine?

Is it too much to hope for here at Christmastime?


I think I’ll take the chance, look for a star to guide

Seek the hand of God, and in his Son abide

With one baby’s birth, joy and love I’ll find

Tis the beauty of sweet grace here at Christmastime


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Weapon of Choice



My grief abounds, brought to the surface

Pain I’ve held at bay far too long

Friends taken too soon,

Lonely memories of a woeful heart

Christmas isn’t always a time of joy


Inflicted pain pays back pain inflicted

I need the tears of angels to wash my soul,

To remove the anguish of your stain


Angry rants, seemed justified at the time

Now I see they are completely unnecessary

A solution presents, simplistic as it is –

I will write you into history,

Your legacy will be as I leave it.


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How does one give a name to something so horrific?


I will feel this tragedy and it will sit with me,

As I have breakfast with my children tomorrow;

As I drive to the post office to mail Christmas packages;

It will be on my heels as I run on the treadmill at the gym;

It will seep into my meditation, form the tears of my prayers

It will blend into the white noise of music and chatter as my home

Fills with visitors on Christmas morn;

As the laughter of my children echoes through the rooms;

I will feel it and it will sit with me.


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Neither Lost, Nor Found




At once we stepped, one foot

In front of the other

Into a world we did not understand,

Looking but not seeing the hidden riddles

Beneath mounds of snow-covered sand


Go back to your pillow, yes

Close your eyes

Pretend and deny what you will;

Your foolishness has granted you

Plausible deniability but left you a hefty bill


Partake of the poison, sweet

Malignancy of the vine

We are vagrants, you and I

Pushing our way across the tundra,

The remains of a discontented sigh



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To Be Among the Literate


Read any good books lately? I have. I’ve been reading Anais Nin’s “Under a Glass Bell,” a collection of short stories. I love her writing. I would hate to think I couldn’t read her stories, or those of Dorothy Parker, or those of Hemingway or any other author I enjoy. I’d hate to think I couldn’t write my own, as in my new book, “Marked: Collected Ramblings” which is now available on both Smashwords and as an ebook.

The truth is a great many teens and adults cannot read the writings of the authors I mentioned above. They can barely write their names or read simple directions. They may suffer self-esteem issues, have depression and typically have difficulty getting or keeping employment. Their entire lives can change if only they could read. Check out these scary stats I discovered at a site called  It’s okay, I’ll wait while you take a look.


I’ve taught two people to read – an adult who could only write his name and my oldest son, whom I homeschooled for a while and taught to read. The adult I worked with was one of those people who simply fell through the cracks in school. He suffered a terrible injury to his right arm while in the first grade, causing him to miss a lot of school and fall behind. Instead of holding him back, he was allowed to proceed through the grades, although he was not proficient in reading. He finally dropped out of school. He worked but was unable to advance from the  minimum wage job he’d held for many years due to his illiteracy. He was stuck in that job, plus he was a single parent. I admired so much his courage for coming forth and saying he wanted to read. I admired his dedication to learning. He did progress, began to read and was able to move into a different job that paid better. It was humbling for me and so very rewarding to see his confidence grow as his reading improved. Literacy changes lives.

Check with your adult education center in your community if you are interested in learning more about how to teach an adult to read. I went through a training program that taught me everything I needed to be able to teach, and workbooks were provided for my student.

So, what have you been reading? What amazing places have you visited in a book lately? Any characters you just can’t get out of your head? Do tell…


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Writing, Publishing, Literacy!


FINALLY! My book is ready and I’ve submitted it to Smashwords  and hopefully all will go smoothly from here. I’m also working to get this small collection of flash fiction, short stories and poetry on Amazon KDP.  This process has been a little challenging for me. I thought I would be able to read the Smashwords guidelines and figure it all out myself but that didn’t happen. Then, I thought I could do the cover myself but that didn’t happen either. So, I hired a formatter and someone to do the artwork for me and now, finally, it is done. I’m in awe of you authors who do the entire process yourselves. My brain is simply not wired for formatting. I write. I submit. That’s it. I don’t format. I don’t draw. I can barely take a picture without cutting off someone’s head in the photo. I write. That’s what I do.  I’m leaving the technical stuff to the technical people. I’m including the cover art to my book in this post. It’s simple and kind of funky and I like it.


I will let you in on the meaning behind the title and the image of the letter ‘X’ on the front. I came up with “Marked: Collected Ramblings” for one main reason:  all the countless people in this world who are illiterate. People used to ‘make their mark’ on documents if they were unable to sign their names. Today, there is still a large population of functionally illiterate people who may be able to sign their names but they are unable to read a book for their own pleasure or to their children. They are unable to read the correct medication dosage on a bottle of medicine for themselves or those they care for. I encourage you, dear reader, if given the opportunity to teach an adult to read, take it! You will never regret that choice and the rewards are incalculable to yourself and the person you teach. Your life and theirs is forever changed. For information for literacy programs in your area, check out America’s Literacy Directory.

I have many more stories to tell, many waiting for me to re-write and submit for editing. Speaking of editing, I’d like to thank Scott Morgan at WriteHook for editing my stories. He is straightforward, professional and gives me a swift kick when I need it. Check Scott out if you’re in need of editing services. Yes, it is important, even for short stories to be edited professionally.

I realized once I submitted the book to Smashwords that I left some things out – like a real acknowledgements page and a follow-up at the end providing information on where to contact me and to see other work. We live and we learn. I’m learning a lot on this one.  Also, I am really grateful for all the support I’ve received from each of you, for reading the bits of things I put on this blog and providing me with feedback. It is so important for me to have that interaction and exchange of ideas with every one of you.

Do I dare call myself an author now?

If this works the way I think it will, here is the link to my book  “Marked: Collected Ramblings”