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The Messy Ones




Lollipop fingers grasped the hem of her skirt;

She shooed his pudgy hands away, continuing


In her attempt to entertain the gentleman at her left;

He ignored the pudgy fingers, too.


By war’s end, she’d lost her job at the factory, and

Her old man lay perpendicular to a stone


There were no brothers, no father, no uncle or

Gramps to take her and her boy in;


There were expectations, hunger, desires,

Needs, that long-awaiting future, for her,


For her boy, the one with no voice and

Ears that serve him no good;


She’d not deprive all she had in this world;

This was no time for being a lady

This was no time for prideful ways


Potatoes, clothes, shoes on little feet, and lollipops,

That’s all that mattered now.


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The Lover’s Grief



Promises of love, wrapped in blossoms attached to thorny stems.

With a timid grasp I am pricked, bleeding, the pain outweighing pleasure, while you remain silent in my grief.

For a hundred years I would devote myself to you, giving you all I am. Tears take the usual course, the heart is confused,

Hungers as an empty belly. Where do I place my devotion? For you have required it,

Promised its return and sealed it with hope. Counterfeit dreams rob the night of stars to

Wish upon, and still I hold to you.



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The Deepening


Sometimes the words fall, down steps, end over end, until they land in a place that I may not recognize but I feel right at home in.


The Deepening

Do you retreat to some golden beach

Where fair-haired girls frolic;

Or do you ride the blue waves,

Teasing a dark door of despair

With your gentle knuckles,

Clenched in need around the firm

Stem of desire, passion revealed

In wavering sashays of your golden

Hips; a self-imposed border,

A mime’s cry, only

To procure orchestral resonance

When you whisper my name


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The Deep Blue



I understand you, in the way that the planets understand the universe

Sealed in some effortless way,

Our connection bound to promises


Made in that unspoken language of need,

In an uncomposed melody of the heart;

I felt your rhythm at once and you entered my soul;


I am the cynic.

You cast me into the murky waters of belief, and I,

I surrendered to the wave


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The Yearning



I took the first step, struggling on feeble legs and allowed the weight of my body to fold me like an accordion to the floor. You should have been there, to catch my fall, to thwart my attempt to remain strong when weakness threatened my porous soul. A rapture of sorts, I was taken up in a cloud heavy with confusion.

Uncertainty cast a long shadow and I found myself huddling in its darkest corner. You were once the light that rescued me. How has my independence come to this place, of need and requisition for supplication? And would that prayer be answered, even if blood flowed from the worn flesh of my knees?

Significant, in that way one reaches epiphany from blunder, I accepted the profusion of the unknown. One silent sky above me echoed the glorious breath shared between your lips and mine. Sundry needs ensued.

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Balanced Diet



Do not offer me dessert,

I need more than a temporary high;

I seek to be well fed


I’ve worn broken bones,

Suffered broken dreams

I’ve lost myself to a broken heart,

Recovered to let myself go again


Into that place where trust becomes

A dagger pushing into the deepest places,

Testing resistance, the breath catches


Bleed tears that flow

Until they dam

Against promises, hushed whispers, sentimental feelings


Your smile, pressed into my existence,

Your dreams intertwined with mine

Your love, a healing balm, soothing the

Ache of a soul on fire


Layers of seduction form within a

Palette desiring gratifying flavors

My appetite is whet…


Do not offer me dessert



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The Other One



He approached, she accepted. Hands touched, the feeling electric. She reached in for a kiss, his eagerness for her revealing itself with the hunger of man who wanted to be fed. Courageous with her heart, she poured her love out like warmed sweet cream butter, hot and thick, its taste sufficient to satisfy.

Time desired to flow into eternity this way, but for the other one.

The other one held his sway through masterly manipulation, striking fear in him knowing his limitations better; not to mention a ring and those long-ago regrettable vows. She had a keen awareness of his paranoia and like a vulture picking at a roadside carcass, attacked his anxieties and insecurities. Even when a day of certain freedom was offered to him he couldn’t take hold of it because he knew she held his greatest treasures in her pocket; otherwise, by his own confession, he would have seized freedom long ago.

She forced his affections to lean her direction, well practiced in the art of emotional extortion but still he had a choice. He chose to be her puppet. He failed to have the guts for glory, allowing defeat to prickle the path of least resistance he must now walk.

Should his mind wander to those thoughts of momentary happiness, comfort and deep satisfaction he’d once sought, he can only try to soothe himself with a cold blanket of regret. After all, fear is powerful but cowardice deserves nothing more than the ever-present longing for that which has slipped through the fingers like dust.



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Experimental Morals


Do you like to experiment with your writing? Allow yourself to write ‘freely’ and see what happens? Sometimes I just want to be different and strange and if the shoe fits, weird.  I grew up loving Aesop’s Fables.  In my attempt to pay homage to those little moral tidbits, I allowed myself to write a fable of contrived moral strife from a contrived book of fables with ensuing lesson.  The following is the result…

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(Excerpt from an unpublished, unknown, fictitious book called “Fables of Folly”)

Slithering in the grass, quiet and unnoticed, eager to find the prey you hunger for  –  There, just across the way, she is as ripened fruit dangling from a low-hanging branch. You admire her, look her over – ah, she is blemished, weakened by some undetermined nature; even better you decide. Damaged prey is easy prey. Your senses tell you the time to strike is nigh – your movements are calculating, precise and unstoppable. You begin to consume her without thought, devouring the beauty before you, but you underestimated her. She was stronger than you had believed. Her body was soft but her spirit was fierce. Unable to defeat her and worse yet, let her go, you both succumb.

Moral: A dark heart of desire may be one’s own ruin.


Do tell – do you allow yourself to free write anything or do you strictly adhere to working on a piece your committed to, one project at a time? What are your thoughts on slithering snakes? How about morality? Anything you’d like to share, I’ll happily devour…


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