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Announcing – John D. Kenworthy Blog Tour


I am SO excited to be one of the upcoming stops on Mr. Kenworthy’s blog tour. John D. Kenworthy is the author of “The Missionary and the Brute,” a thriller you must read if you haven’t already, available on This Thursday he will be joining us here, on my blog, to give us a sneak peek to the upcoming prequel to “The Missionary and the Brute” so please stop by and join us. Although “The Missionary and the Brute” is his first novel, he masterfully takes the reader on a journey of suspense and thrills, reveals unexpected moments of tenderness, intertwined with scenes of pure eroticism and then without warning he ingeniously pulls out a twist you won’t see coming.

Please join us here Thursday to learn more about Mr. Kenworthy and to get a sneak peek at the upcoming prequel to “The Missionary and the Brute.”

Take Me Down


Sheila Pierson


 Verse 1

Show me the ways of your world

Let me be your loving girl 

Take me down with your love

Take me all the way to you



When I’m with you I come undone

Forgetting the damage of the past

I give into everything

You say this time we’ll last

When the sun rises tomorrow

And your kiss is on my brow

I’ll remember all your promises

You’ll convince me somehow


Verse 2

If granted time on this earth

We’ll learn if we’ve got worth

Take me down with your love

Take me all the way to you



Kiss me, hold me

Ah, something along those lines

Let’s dream ‘til we remember

We don’t own our own lives


Chorus repeats




A Note to My Lover


By Sheila Pierson
Drizzling, seeping, meandering through
Oozing like honey, sticky and slow
Reach for me and I’ll reach for you
This is the love of the tried and true
It whispers secrets in unknown places
It reaches beyond the bounds of right
It forwards its courage and bound by its nature
It grants unlimited treasures of delight
Feeling, listening, reaching for grace
With every touch it grips and deepens
You’ll touch me and then we’ll taste
The flavors of passion, an unending embrace
Claim me now with confident hands
Claim me, as only you can know
Claim me with lovers’ silence and screams
Claim me in my very soul

The Ghosts of 1964


by Sheila R Pierson


The ghosts of 1964 are coming ‘round tonight

Ain’t no one gonna keep them down

When three in Mississippi die


It was supposed to be the Freedom Summer

Three guys working in the South

Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner


Edgar Killen went looking to rid the world of their kind

They got no business in his town

No room for a black man’s rights


A Baptist preacher and member of the KKK

Venom spewing from his mouth

He believed in the Word, he’d say


Trial of his peers, 11-1 favored his conviction

One woman couldn’t condemn a preacher

I wonder, she sleep without a prescription?


41 years to the day of their deaths, a hell of a lot of time

Waiting to see him sitting in a cell

For the depth and pain of his crime?


The ghosts of 1964 will make Killen pay a price

Years passed by their deaths

But Killen’s gonna lose this fight


Cause one day…he’s gonna die.



“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana