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Uninformed in a cloudless sky

Who are the keepers of wisdom?

Hand in hand, you and I

Building a pauper’s kingdom


We took the light from a thousand fireflies,

Stealing the flicker from each one

Danced in their glow on a moonless night

Betraying the darkness ‘til dawn


Landing on feet wrapped in tin cans

With each step bled out the life we’d led

Sweet, the fragrance of sacrifice

Marked, scarred by mistakes in life

Treasured, deceit that led to right


Glorious the days that made us grieve

Battles won, tasted the victory

In the end knowing where we stand

Conquered the foes, hand in hand



Credit: photo credit: <a href=””>Adam Foster | Codefor</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;




I thought not of the careless days,

For there would be no more

I thought not of your tender ways,

Left in that place called ‘before’


Gathered my memories in guilty hands

I’ll confess to the fool who understands

Wisdom gifted me to learn –

Only a fire that’s fed will burn


I set myself ablaze with the past

Hungry flames licked my skin;

From a well where no thirst lasts

I’ve come to live again


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