Twitterland – How I Love Thee…


I resisted. I denied. I loathed the idea of signing up for this thing called Twitter. A good friend of mine dropped subtle hints like, “Get off your procrastinating ass and sign up for Twitter already! You’ll love it.”

I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand how 140 characters could convey anything significant to anyone. Finally, I gave in and I signed up.

I was amazed at how many complete strangers readily followed back when I followed them. They were interesting, interested and shared their knowledge willingly. The best thing of all is that they were writers! I was afraid to even call myself a writer for so long and these people were shouting it from the Twittertops – Writer, Author, Wordsmith – unabashedly proclaiming their identity to the masses.

With these things called Tweets I discovered people genuinely interested in promoting the work of others, networking in ways that built relationships, and providing something I call “Tweet Relief.” Tweet Relief is a tweet that’s plain funny, silly, ridiculous and even juvenile, as long as it makes me laugh out loud.

I’ve been following Ashley Barron@dcPriya for a while now. She always provides her followers with invaluable information, freely offering the knowledge she learns from others via tweeting and blogging. The other day she tweeted this:  “As much as you think you can find your own typos, you can’t.” #Interview with #Selfpub #Fiction #Author @CarlPurdon

I clicked on the link and read the article. It was an interview with Carl Purdon, author of The Night Train. In this article, he mentioned he used yWriter5, organizational freeware for the novelist. Of course, I clicked on the link and within seconds I downloaded the free software. I was stoked! Her tweet led me to her blog, which led me to discover a new author in Mr. Purdon, all about his writing and publishing experience, plus the added bonus of the free yWriter5 software.

This is only one example of the great advantages of Twitter and what it has done for me. I’ve come to know some amazingly creative minds via Twitter and so grateful for each one!

One piece of advice…if I may. Whether you’re new to Twitter or a seasoned pro, please don’t forget to use good manners, treat others as you would like to be treated, and say ‘thank you’ when you’ve garnered some much needed support, promotion and help. You might even return the favor by re-tweeting something for them. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, sign up and find out.

Oh and by the way, there is a book available to help you with the ins and outs of Twitter and blogging called Blog & Tweet – How to Make a Splash Online by Kathy Lynn Hall.

(Special thanks to Ashley Barron who readily allowed me to use her as my prime helpful Twitter example!)

Information, Links, Books:

Ashley Barron@dcPriya via Twitter  via blog

Her book, “The Birthday, A Short Story” is available via

Barnes and Noble


Mr. Carl Purdon’s book The Night Train is available via

Blog & Tweet – How to Make a Splash Online by Kathy Lynn Hall available via


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  1. What a great post, Sheila. The irony is, you are one of the best tweeps out there. Always responding to mentions, sending out retweets, doing those FFs and WWs that I haven’t quite mastered. So, now that I’ve commented, you know I’m going to retweet this post!

    Thanks for being such a fun person to follow on Twitter. Like you, I was reluctant to join, but once you get the hang of it, it really isn’t that much of a time drain unless you let it be. And as you point out, the rewards are many. 🙂

    • Oh goodness – thanks so much Carrie! You know I love your tweets and posts 🙂 I’m just waiting for your book of Medicine Made Funny to be released – you are writing that right? LOL You know I’ll promote it if you do 🙂

    • Thanks Mike…I’d been seeing a lot about Scrivener and and couple of others. Then I saw this free one and thought ‘nothing to lose’ so I’m going to mess around with it and see how it works.

      • Yeah, Scrivener is what I use and I like it a lot. But if there’s a free one out there that might do the job, there’s no reason not to check it out. How do you like it so far?

      • So far I’ve only poked around and started trying to figure it out. I’m not tech savvy so it takes me a bit to grasp how all these things work – you should see me sweating it out over some of the functions of blogging! It’s kind of sad really…lol

      • Hopefully it won’t take much to hit the ground running with it. I know I’ve been using Scrivener for a while and I still don’t know how to use all the features.

  2. Thank you, Shelia, for your kind words above! I appreciate the encouragement, and am thrilled to know that the author interview series is a viable resource. I remember how hard I looked for information when I first began on Twitter (with the same mindset as you, btw…) and decided I would use my blog to share what I learn as I learn it.

    This was really nice of you. Thanks again, Ashley

    • Your more than welcome! The author interview series is wonderful – If you haven’t considered it already, it would be quite handy to have in book format, like a resource/informational guide or something. Thanks again for being my example 🙂

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