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The Witching Hour


scary pumpkin

Everybody’s got one, just after midnight and before the morning sun

Time seems to slow, shadows begin to dance, the Devil’s in the details

And you’re living on chance


I have a witching hour, thirty-three past three

In the middle of the night, this hour calls to me

Wakes me from pleasant rest to taunt me in the dark

It’s my turn, it seems, for the haints to choose to haunt


Maybe there’s a chill, a strangeness in the air; the mood’s

A little different, and you know something’s there

Hiding in a corner of your cozy little room

Your eyes play tricks on you – is that a shadow or a broom?


When you hear a thump in the attic

When the TV turns to static

When the gooseflesh dots the skin

It’s that time again

No need to wonder or ask why

Like me, like so many mournful nights

There’s no way you can deny

You sense the grief, a darker power

You’ve been awakened to the witching hour



Image courtesy of MicroSoft ClipArt