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The Unsolicited



Do you ever write something and truly have no clue where it came from, why the words oozed onto the page while you struggled to grasp their meaning, even though the need to write them seemed ever so pressing at the time? Oftentimes I think writers are a bit porous. We absorb our surroundings, whether it’s intentional or not. We ‘soak’ up conversations, attitudes, and the gestures of those around us. We see and then somehow take away warm pieces of sunsets, the fragrance emanating from fields of wildflowers and the pain and heartbreak of the suffering. Maybe we don’t realize we’ve even done so until words begin to find themselves pecked out onto a computer screen, making no sense to the writer at the time and yet trusting there is meaning.

I wrote this piece, still not having gained an understanding, believing there must be meaning in it I’ve yet to discover. It came out like water bubbling up from a natural spring.


The guiltless are full of treason,

Spotless, they’ll claim

you’d better know better

Their trust cannot be earned or gained


The fallout of their conspiratorial dialogue is evidence enough of their treacherous plot

Read the words they have tattooed in their eyelids

Do you still doubt?

Fine then…Follow them like sheep to slaughter

Fickle, bickering, hollow of heart


I am unsettled by this knowledge

You should be, too


I couldn’t even title it because of my uncertainty – maybe you can suggest one? Anything of meaning come to you when you read it? Love to hear your thoughts on unsolicited material that pops into your mind – just what do you do with it?


(Image courtesy of Microsoft Clipart)

Empty Rainbow



Restlessness dripping, as from a faucet that won’t shut off

You in your house of loved and unloved ones and me in mine

One day a reason will find its way to explain, won’t it?

Or is this the consequence, never attaining an understanding


Some would say we got off easy

“some” don’t know a damned thing, though


There is an ever-winding path that brings my thoughts

Back to you, against my will

Somewhere a bluesy voice sings a song about a rainbow, and

Finding a dream that comes true

Mine stands in the distance, over where you live;

Color washed away


Innocents die as I cry

Tears of selfish loss

I’ve got an empty rainbow