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Global Rednecks


I despise reality television. Many of you may be having a ‘come apart’ right now because of my strong sentiment over the subject, and for all of you fans of this kind of programming, I’m happy for you, really, but I hate it. And now I have an even bigger reason to hate it. It’s called, “My Big Redneck Vacation.”

Travel destination


This is a program devoted to showing a redneck American family (from the South, no less) visiting different areas of the country and providing ample amounts of insult and ignorance to those they come in contact with. For my lovely blogging friends across the world who may be wondering what a redneck is, I refer you to the definition offered by FreeDictionary.com which defines redneck as:  “a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring class, especially in the southern United States.

I wouldn’t mind so much if they kept these attributes here in our own country (where they can be contained), but now they’re heading into new territory – they’re going global. And no, I have no bias against the South or Southerners, because I am one, born and bred. That’s exactly why I can say we have some characteristics down here that the world isn’t quite ready for.    

I did a blog post not too long ago called Assmerican: that would be me. Feel free to take a look at that post at your leisure. I admit to accidentally insulting those from other countries on a regular basis – accidentally I said. Let me say now with a good deal of confidence I’ve got nothing on the folks in this show. Is it necessary for our country to ship self-proclaimed rednecks across the world and force Europeans to suffer the consequences for the sake of a network’s TV ratings?

I’ve finally gotten around to reading Stephen King’s “On Writing” and one of the recommendations he makes is to turn the television off and stick your nose in a good book. With programming like the above mentioned, it isn’t hard to do. I’m not sure why ‘reality’ television is so popular to begin with. Any lovers of reality TV out there? Please, tell me what you love about it. Would shows like “My Big Redneck Vacation” appeal to you?

Letters in My Head, Now Available for Viewing: #3




You-uns need to be sure to come on over for the meetin next month. Folks are gonna have church dinner on the grounds and after that some of us and the preacher are gonna be a-meetin about the problem you told me bout. We got a plan to clean out the unwanteds round your way. They gettin a little close for comfort preacher says. Pleny’s wife has done gone and made us some covers and the preacher says he’s makin our group official with a cer’mony.

We ain’t got none of there kind in our county and we don’t plan to let it start now. Granny’s makin chicken and dumplins and chess pie. You-uns be sure to bring your kids – them boys about gettin grown by now I guess. Give Patsy my regards. Don’t go tellin nobody bout the meeting just yet.

Your cuzin Bill

The Ghosts of 1964


by Sheila R Pierson


The ghosts of 1964 are coming ‘round tonight

Ain’t no one gonna keep them down

When three in Mississippi die


It was supposed to be the Freedom Summer

Three guys working in the South

Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner


Edgar Killen went looking to rid the world of their kind

They got no business in his town

No room for a black man’s rights


A Baptist preacher and member of the KKK

Venom spewing from his mouth

He believed in the Word, he’d say


Trial of his peers, 11-1 favored his conviction

One woman couldn’t condemn a preacher

I wonder, she sleep without a prescription?


41 years to the day of their deaths, a hell of a lot of time

Waiting to see him sitting in a cell

For the depth and pain of his crime?


The ghosts of 1964 will make Killen pay a price

Years passed by their deaths

But Killen’s gonna lose this fight


Cause one day…he’s gonna die.



“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana