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A Note to My Lover


By Sheila Pierson
Drizzling, seeping, meandering through
Oozing like honey, sticky and slow
Reach for me and I’ll reach for you
This is the love of the tried and true
It whispers secrets in unknown places
It reaches beyond the bounds of right
It forwards its courage and bound by its nature
It grants unlimited treasures of delight
Feeling, listening, reaching for grace
With every touch it grips and deepens
You’ll touch me and then we’ll taste
The flavors of passion, an unending embrace
Claim me now with confident hands
Claim me, as only you can know
Claim me with lovers’ silence and screams
Claim me in my very soul

Roses and a Card, or Real Passion? by Sheila Pierson


Florists are preparing their coolers for an abundance of roses. Shelves at the local discount stores are stocked and ready to sell you heart-shaped boxes full of candy or your favorite chocolates. Jewelry stores have their best baubles on display. Is this really what Valentine’s Day has come to? Buy, buy, buy. No thought is required – except remembering the actual day itself.

I’m not big on red roses. Pink ones are quite nice, but they all die in a matter of a few short days. I will inhale good chocolate, but I do that often enough that I really don’t need it for Valentine’s Day. Jewelry? I can live without it. If it’s cheap, it won’t hold together for long and the color may fade. If it’s expensive, there’s the worry of losing it, having to constantly be careful with it or answer the question, “Is that real?” I don’t have an inclination to deal with any of this.

So what, you ask, do I prefer for Valentine’s Day?

  1. Quote from your favorite romantic poem and I will surely adopt it as my own.
  2. Pen a love note, with all the declarations of a new lover, no matter how long we’ve been together.
  3. Take me by the hand and offer a massage without further expectations; you will get what you didn’t expect – maybe more.
  4. Draw me a bath and pour me a glass of wine; tell me to take my time – dinner would be a lovely addition.
  5. If you must purchase something, by all means, make it a book – something romantic. It will last forever and will always remind me of your love. Don’t forget to inscribe a personal note inside.

Two wonderful books I personally own are “Love: Penhaligon’s Scented Treasury of Verse and Prose” edited by Sheila Pickles and “Love Letters: An Anthology of Passion” by Michelle Lovric. I found both of these still available at Amazon.com 

The scented book looks and smells beautiful, containing a collection of poetry, romantic snippets of timeless stories and plays scattered throughout. The other is a favorite because spread throughout it are envelopes containing copies of original love letters and notes with the transcribed letters in the back of the book. It covers all facets of love from admiration to obsession throughout the ages.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day this year in an original way. Treat your lover like a lover. Whisper something enticing in their ear. Text sensual messages to them throughout the days leading up to Valentine’s Day and here’s an original thought – keep doing it all year long! Keep those passionate flames burning and love like there’s no tomorrow.