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Experimental Morals


Do you like to experiment with your writing? Allow yourself to write ‘freely’ and see what happens? Sometimes I just want to be different and strange and if the shoe fits, weird.  I grew up loving Aesop’s Fables.  In my attempt to pay homage to those little moral tidbits, I allowed myself to write a fable of contrived moral strife from a contrived book of fables with ensuing lesson.  The following is the result…

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(Excerpt from an unpublished, unknown, fictitious book called “Fables of Folly”)

Slithering in the grass, quiet and unnoticed, eager to find the prey you hunger for  –  There, just across the way, she is as ripened fruit dangling from a low-hanging branch. You admire her, look her over – ah, she is blemished, weakened by some undetermined nature; even better you decide. Damaged prey is easy prey. Your senses tell you the time to strike is nigh – your movements are calculating, precise and unstoppable. You begin to consume her without thought, devouring the beauty before you, but you underestimated her. She was stronger than you had believed. Her body was soft but her spirit was fierce. Unable to defeat her and worse yet, let her go, you both succumb.

Moral: A dark heart of desire may be one’s own ruin.


Do tell – do you allow yourself to free write anything or do you strictly adhere to working on a piece your committed to, one project at a time? What are your thoughts on slithering snakes? How about morality? Anything you’d like to share, I’ll happily devour…


(Image courtesy of Microsoft Clipart)