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In the Moment


I haven’t even looked for the words, no desire to see them plop down on the page,

heavy like an elephant sitting on a cedar branch;

I have been living, silly me listening to the sounds of the air

Moving thru the leaves of spring branches;

Some unneed for the written; beyond me.

I am, for once, untorn between reality and fantasy;

I am… in the moment and the moments are good.

After 30…




As if some scattering wind took hold,

untethered the anchor of my life

The course previously set upon,

untroubled by curse or strife


I grasped the reigns on my stallion run wild

His strength mightier than my own

Perhaps my courage failed at last

I reached for a blurried vision of home


Secure not my laughter, for my smile has fallen,

the pedestal too high I was placed upon

As a child I imagined what one day I’d be

never realizing I’d only be grown


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Ornamental Wisdom


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This is the freedom of the spirit,

Soaring to reach the unknown when,

In the course of measured responsibility, bands are broken;

Invisible, self-imposed obstacles shattered.

Whisper in my ear the truth of your own desires

They are there, in wait, in want.

Desperation feeds exuberance or solitude,

Could go either way –

Will you take the chance with me?

Will we find ourselves on the cusp of exhilaration, or be

Discovered plunging into a loveless silence?

I’d rather know than not.

(Image courtesy of Microsoft Office ClipArt)