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Letters in My Head, Now Available for Viewing: #3




You-uns need to be sure to come on over for the meetin next month. Folks are gonna have church dinner on the grounds and after that some of us and the preacher are gonna be a-meetin about the problem you told me bout. We got a plan to clean out the unwanteds round your way. They gettin a little close for comfort preacher says. Pleny’s wife has done gone and made us some covers and the preacher says he’s makin our group official with a cer’mony.

We ain’t got none of there kind in our county and we don’t plan to let it start now. Granny’s makin chicken and dumplins and chess pie. You-uns be sure to bring your kids – them boys about gettin grown by now I guess. Give Patsy my regards. Don’t go tellin nobody bout the meeting just yet.

Your cuzin Bill