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Should I have hope, that which Ms. Dickinson wrote of?

Mine has feathers, but a wounded wing, for it cannot seem to perch

Mine has a tune, which it does not sing, for it’s been silenced by hurt

Hope has been described, by me, as a balloon inflated one breath too far

Should I hope to dream of love, I fear it’d drift away on a fallen star

I should not hope, lest be confined to a cell of unnamed strife

Where the heart and the soul and the mind derange

Where the bitter taste of loneliness fans invisible flames

Where life and certain slumber slither beneath cracks in the door

Shall I hope? I think I shall hope forevermore



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The Little Lies




Some are worthy, some are not

Round and round we go

If the past rules the present

It’s the little lies that grow

If your burdens break the bank

Tis a fracture in the soul


Some have mercy, some do not

Tit for tat you take

Smile and wish all sinners well

Do it just for heaven’s sake

Good folk never count the sins

With a hello and a handshake


Some will bleed, some will not

Rattle rattle goes the cage

Let your victim write the story

Watch her read every page

Plead with that of man’s regret,

Will I never earn my wage?


Some will love, some cannot

Fear is their plight

They’ll take all you have to give

Leave you longing for the night

You’ll tell yourself it’s all your fault

He’ll let you believe you’re right

Hunted by the grief that seeks your soul,

Longing for the whys, the need to know,

Don’t give up, it’s almost light…


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The Deep Blue



I understand you, in the way that the planets understand the universe

Sealed in some effortless way,

Our connection bound to promises


Made in that unspoken language of need,

In an uncomposed melody of the heart;

I felt your rhythm at once and you entered my soul;


I am the cynic.

You cast me into the murky waters of belief, and I,

I surrendered to the wave


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This one is for you, M.G. Edwards. Merry Christmas!


I was asked to write a piece about happiness and cheer

With lines of light and love, no grief or despair

I struggled to find the words that led to hopeful rhyme

Could I find no joy to write of here at Christmastime?


I dream of snow in mounds, but the sun is shining bright

Hot chocolate without a chill somehow doesn’t seem right

The lawn is decorated with yellow dandelions

Shouldn’t it feel like winter here at Christmastime?


Human failings bring to pass all that’s wrong with the world

If I could only return to days before innocence unfurled

Drifts of painful memories slow the rise of a joyful tide

Does my soul have a hope of healing here at Christmastime?


Perhaps I need to begin anew, give myself a fresh start

Find the spirit of the season by looking to the heart

What if the miracle I’m looking for is mine?

Is it too much to hope for here at Christmastime?


I think I’ll take the chance, look for a star to guide

Seek the hand of God, and in his Son abide

With one baby’s birth, joy and love I’ll find

Tis the beauty of sweet grace here at Christmastime


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