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The Witching Hour


scary pumpkin

Everybody’s got one, just after midnight and before the morning sun

Time seems to slow, shadows begin to dance, the Devil’s in the details

And you’re living on chance


I have a witching hour, thirty-three past three

In the middle of the night, this hour calls to me

Wakes me from pleasant rest to taunt me in the dark

It’s my turn, it seems, for the haints to choose to haunt


Maybe there’s a chill, a strangeness in the air; the mood’s

A little different, and you know something’s there

Hiding in a corner of your cozy little room

Your eyes play tricks on you – is that a shadow or a broom?


When you hear a thump in the attic

When the TV turns to static

When the gooseflesh dots the skin

It’s that time again

No need to wonder or ask why

Like me, like so many mournful nights

There’s no way you can deny

You sense the grief, a darker power

You’ve been awakened to the witching hour



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Spider Ego


animals,arachnids,bouncing,nature,webs,spiders,web animations,wildlife,web elements

Creeping, crawling, quickly scurrying

I’m an eight-legged beast, furry in the strangest places; and eyes,

My eyes that search nooks and crannies for a

Place to spin webbing for a hunt, seeking to capture

Juicy delights


Oh, failed to mention, only the size of a small pea,

Making fools of human bipeds,

Squealing, running, and trying to fitfully squish

little ole me…



Okay, dear reader, tell the truth if you can – Have you ever had an accident, near accident or nearly gone comatosed from spider fright? Please share your freakiest spider interaction…


(Image courtesy of Microsoft ClipArt)

Don’t Close Your Eyes



Icy crystals suspended in the air around me,

The dream-wake state confused my clarity of thought.

Had I not been numbed by the cold that seeped into my bones,

I would have reached for one of the frozen jewels of moisture –

Something was wrong; it was then I caught a glimpse of an emaciated figure,

The sight grotesque, the terror immediate.

With one quick flash of lightning from my uncovered window

The creature scurried across the room,

Scaled the wall and found a dark corner to blend into.

I feared any movement on my part; wishing my bed could absorb me,

Knowing it wouldn’t;

I feared even to breathe, to blink my eyes

I feared to be alive in that moment, and though I tried to impress upon myself

To stay completely hushed, my heartbeat drummed through the silence of the room.

A deep clash of thunder caused me to startle, and another flash of the skies

Revealed a gray sunken face with hollow eyes, reflecting complete despair,

Compassionless depravity echoing a continuum of evil.

Another rumble, this time a low growl from the corner.

I understood the threat, I understood the ever-pressing finite moments of time

Passing in utter disbelief that monsters were real, and one was coming after me…



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photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/pagedooley/2788648775/”>kevin dooley</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/”>cc</a&gt;

Empty Rainbow



Restlessness dripping, as from a faucet that won’t shut off

You in your house of loved and unloved ones and me in mine

One day a reason will find its way to explain, won’t it?

Or is this the consequence, never attaining an understanding


Some would say we got off easy

“some” don’t know a damned thing, though


There is an ever-winding path that brings my thoughts

Back to you, against my will

Somewhere a bluesy voice sings a song about a rainbow, and

Finding a dream that comes true

Mine stands in the distance, over where you live;

Color washed away


Innocents die as I cry

Tears of selfish loss

I’ve got an empty rainbow