The Wrinkling Up Years



There was that time, you remember now, when the puppets all sang

For the strangers in the know, and dreadful silly lines took all the

Virgin’s souls, and the dancers raced thru their dance upon the stage,

And the curtain lifted once, but not a single one got paid


We told little stories, just to set the story straight, but we lied

And we joked about the timing and the place, and no one even

Cared that we were all past our best bloom, cause the waiter

Carried trays of spirits to us in every tiny room


She was a Jezebel, but she put on quite the act, and the guys

Got all excited when she revealed her tiny rack, but the

Girls in the corner stayed around in the back to allow the

Summer haze to fill the space their ego lacked


Don’t you remember Henry and the smile on his face when

The fields were full of poppies and the houses full of grace,

When prayers lifted high to disguise the saints’ disgrace

We keep praying now for the memories that we chase

9 responses »

    • Yes, I was thinking about how I’m always forgetting things and knowing how silly my mind can be, I figured my thoughts in my more elder years might be something like this… 🙂

  1. Sheila, you need to SEND THESE TO MAGAZINES or something. Many won’t accept “previously published” material. Once it’s on your site, it’s considered published. you’re very talented and these could be winning contests!

    • Thank you Sean!!! It’s funny cause when I think I’ve written something good and send it in it just gets rejected…lol…but maybe I will give it another go, and you’re right about the previously published thing… I need to submit some things first 🙂

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