Perdu Liaison



Some things aren’t meant to be

As nature often shows

There are no leaves on the winter tree,

No sun where the fern grows

We can want to suffering for one another’s touch

We can say anything, won’t amount to much

Nothing really lost, except a hungry need

Matters little for those who don’t choose love,

Our hearts rarely bleed

You’ll go your way, and I’ll go mine

Little ripples in the water stilled by time

Lamentation, a new fragrance on the wind

An imperfectly perfect pair who only knew ‘the end’


8 responses »

  1. There’s such a great cadence this. There’s so much made of poems about “flow”, well, there’s no flow here, there’s tension, release stop and start carved up just right – and that works much better than any other device for this idea,

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