Billet-doux, In Plain English


This poem is all about fun. Recently, a writer friend eluded to the seductiveness of the French language. No argument there. But then, I got to thinking about a certain commercial where a young woman believes everything she reads on the internet, including setting up a date with a man who she believes is a “French model.”

This all got me to thinking about a poem I wrote a while back and thought I’d share. Have fun with it…


Billet-doux, In Plain English


She fell in love with a Frenchman

He called himself Philippe

He spoke in his native language

She was getting in too deep


On a day like any other

When the sun came up, he left her

She found a note on her door

It was a day I’ll always remember


In broken English

On a piece of torn paper

He wrote the words I love you

And proceeded to tell her all she was to him

In a note he called a ‘billet-doux’

In a note he called a ‘billet-doux’


He said she was a star from above

He called her his love from afar

He said fate would have to intervene

To bring them together once more


She read the words again and again

She’d loved this ridiculous Frenchman

She wanted him back no matter the cost

But found herself broken and lost


In plain English

On a torn piece of paper

She wrote the words I hate you

She proceeded to tell him all he wasn’t to her

In a note she called a ‘screw you’

In a note she called a ‘screw you’


Credit: Youtube

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