It’s a Lyrical Kind of Weekend


I was thinking it might be fun to have weekends for posting song lyrics. This is one I wrote quite a while back and played with the verses a little and here it is.


Blame It On A Song

Verse 1

How’d we end up in this place, wondering what we’re going to do

Lost in the moment, realizing we’ve got to choose

We’re both afraid – Do we take this chance?

There’s a forbidden rhythm in a lover’s dance


Chorus 1

If what we end up doing ends up being wrong

Let’s not blame each other – Let’s blame it on a song

One about lovin’

Not about sin

One about tenderness,

Letting go and giving in


Verse 2

I needed you near me, and you held me a little while

The tenderness of your touch took us the final mile

We let go of wanting, gave in to desire

Left innocence on the table for another buyer


Chorus 2

If what we end up doing ends up being wrong

Let’s not blame each other – Let’s blame it on a song

One about beginnings

Not about the end

One about finding

A lover in a friend


Verse 3

Like a drink of warm Bourbon on a cold afternoon

The lovin goes down easy, but ends all too soon

We know what we’re doing, and we know that it’s wrong

We can’t keep pretending to blame it on a song


Repeat first chorus


Ever write song lyrics? Do you also write music? Come on, tell me about it…


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  1. I am utterly incapable of writing coherent song lyrics! Successive high school bands taught this to me and I have never attempted it since! 🙂

    • I don’t write music or play an instrument, at all, but I occasionally hear a “beat” or “melody” in my head that helps me keep a pace or certain rhythm. I feel like my lyrics are way too poetic to ever be songs, but I like to try my hand at them from time to time. Thanks Seb for stopping by. I love your work 🙂

    • I suppose if I got serious about it, there would be a way. I live close to Nashville, TN, which is a musical mecca of sorts. But, I’ve had a songwriting partner in the past and things went sour. Kind of ruined songwriting for me for a while. In fact, he still has many, many of my original lyrics, so I just write them for my own enjoyment now.

  2. These are really nice, Sheila. I picture Viking metal music in my head when I read them, but these days that happens with any song lyrics I read 🙂

    I used to write guitar music and I used to write lyrics, although I don’t really do either anymore. I really enjoyed it at the time, though.

  3. ive never written songs to go along with guitar (my choice). I came up with a small melody on the guitar but haven’t put any words to it. in my opinion songwriting is like poetry. some are very simple when I look up a bands lyrics.

    • I’ve had a couple of my lyrics put to music before and I have to admit it was pretty cool hearing music with my words, but the experience with this person was very negative ultimately and he ended up keeping many of my original lyrics. Lesson learned. Coming up with melodies is very hard, in my opinion.

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