I’m a positive person, really I am. When I write, though, dark emotions, sarcasm, misfits and moody extremes find their way onto the page. I’ve tried to write of sunshine and lollipops – just doesn’t work out for me. Every once in a while something of pure sweetness will bubble up, but it’s not my norm.

It’s strange because I’m one of those people who look for the solution instead of the problem in most situations. Isn’t that the joy of writing, though? To be able to dive into situations different from our own? To be able to explore characters unlike ourselves?

Oh yeah, if it isn’t obvious, I’m back! I took a break, as per my last post, but I’m easing into my new routine and plan to post every couple of weeks. I’m working on another book of flash fiction, and always writing poetry. I may never see an end to that novel that hides in the shadows of my thoughts, but I’m plugging along word by word on various projects.

I hope you all have been well. To my fellow bloggers, I’ve missed you and your blogs in my necessary absence and look forward to visiting you all again soon!


Some recent work…




Imperfect, to err is my way

Life opened to impossibility,

Never did I see the wave coming

That washed over me;

Sublime in the moment, the

Consequences painful, unbearable;

Blinders removed, the light is searing,

Purifying, awakening


And I am here – understanding little,

A microcosm of the why;

Wisdom earned in the soul, both a

Balm and a blister on the heart


Promises of mercy echo in my mind,

Once believed abandoned, yet I hear

His voice, a gentle affirmation of love,

A whisper of a peaceful tender offered…



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  1. Welcome back, we’ve missed you!

    It’s interesting, because I admire people who can write about the dark, upsetting, controversial things. I find it so much easier to write humour. Maybe I’m not brave enough to tackle a serious piece, or maybe I just get depressed when I do? In any case, it’s something for me to work on.

    Maybe we should swap for a while? 😀

  2. nice to see ya back Sheila..:) I too took some time away as well. had to go on a delete frenzy for a bit when I had 900 emails to go through. enjoyed your piece and especially identified with the first stanza. I’ve yet to create dark characters away from my myself. I am the owner of them…*L*.just take it as you can go and enjoy it when it fits ya to do so…:)

  3. Glad to see you’re settling into a new balance, and as such, can resume a bit of blogging. And I’m even happier to hear–and see–that you’re still writing those lovely words!

  4. Glad you’re back! I am the same, I’m a positive and nice person. But when I write fiction, man, it’s some scary stuff. Not horror scary – real person evil scary. But not always 🙂

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