And Does My Savior Weep?



John 11:35 “Jesus Wept”


I’ve believed in people, foolishly,

Thinking others to be as forgiving as they claim to be


Especially those who wear the cross, or carry it

Upon their backs, as if struggling under its weight;

It isn’t the cross that’s so heavy to carry – it’s the hypocrisy


Bearing down on their souls, calling out others in shame

All the while smiling through covetous eyes, gossiping tongues,

Greedy hands, lustful hearts, raging tempers, gluttonous hungers,

Lazy countenances, prideful braggings and oh must not forget the

Secret imbibers (medicinal reasons, really?)


None of us are sinless, as some would have them thought to be

Point your self-righteous nose to the wind, gather stones at your

Pure feet; I’ll pray for you tonight, that one day you might see

Maybe you don’t want the prayers of a sinner?

Maybe you don’t want prayers from me?

Another prime example of why so many shun Christianity…


We are called to share His love and we waste it finger pointing.


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  1. I like this Sheila, it’s right in line with what we have been discussing over the last day. It annoys me those who do selfish / naughty deeds (or however we want to describe them) but think it is justifiable as they go to church once a week, or do the occasional confession. Yet to me, that doesn’t make it right doing it in the first place. If you don’t believe in God are you doing it because you are evil? Even if the same action has the same impacts to others? Makes no sense too me.

    So I think you got it right. Liked it 🙂

    • Finding those places where discussions can take place, with honesty, without being hurtful is one of the finest joys of poetry, story and writing. Discovering all those people who enjoy doing the same through this amazing venue called blogging is something I truly cherish. We cannot learn if we do not grow, and we cannot grow if we aren’t willing to expose ourselves to those who do not share the same beliefs or ideals. That’s when you find out what you truly believe. That’s when you find out who you really are. Thanks always Elliot for your time and your comments! 🙂

      • Thankfully I learnt a long time ago that the most useful advice can come from the most unlikely places, for example someone you were not impressed with or had much time for in the past. So with that in mind I always try to keep an eye open, or an ear out, if you excuse the phrasing.

        I should add, that considering what my latest post is about, that my wife does not share the exactly the same belief system, and we wouldn’t have gotten together if I was too strict in my views, or not open minded enough to consider different views. And vice versa! That all fits into the same subject here also, broadly speaking.

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