Present Circumstances



Headlights reached into the darkness,

I searched for a place to stop,

To get off this road to nowhere


Giants lurked in the shadows,

Unsettled, I continued on

Should morning happen to find me;

I’m only a grifter seeking the sun,

Willing to lay down my transgressions,

You can count them one by one


I’ll not be beholden to tomorrow

I’ll not gather food as the autumn squirrel

Today’s the only day I’m claiming

Won’t depend on the mussel with the pearl


My eagerness to follow the dream,

The one that keeps me out of yesterday

Only serves to run me ragged;

I’ll grasp on to today


Ram your shovel into the earth

Dig up all that you can find

I’m happy to keep on believin’

There’s a place for you and I


(Photo per PhotoPin: photo credit: <a href=””>BottleLeaf</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;)

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  1. “Headlights reached into the darkness, I searched for a place to stop, To get off this road to nowhere”—-I really liked this. I’ve always enjoyed driving at night, especially on unpopulated roads. Such an interesting and eerie feeling. Of course, now that my night vision is so terrible, I better not be the one driving, but still…

    I know you could take that passage literally or figuratively. I like the feeling both invoke.

    • It is intended both literally and figuratively. I had a long drive home last night and those words popped right into my head. I was so frustrated that I didn’t have a recording device with me because more was coming into my mind and I had to shut it off til I got home. My phone records little bits but it’s so darn complicated to get to that part of the phone and I didn’t want to chance it while driving. Glad you enjoyed the piece and I get the night vision thing 😉

    • Thanks Tim. Yeah, sometimes we get so focused on what we want and wish for that we miss everything happening now. It can be exhausting. Thanks again, for stopping by and for commenting 🙂

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