Balanced Diet



Do not offer me dessert,

I need more than a temporary high;

I seek to be well fed


I’ve worn broken bones,

Suffered broken dreams

I’ve lost myself to a broken heart,

Recovered to let myself go again


Into that place where trust becomes

A dagger pushing into the deepest places,

Testing resistance, the breath catches


Bleed tears that flow

Until they dam

Against promises, hushed whispers, sentimental feelings


Your smile, pressed into my existence,

Your dreams intertwined with mine

Your love, a healing balm, soothing the

Ache of a soul on fire


Layers of seduction form within a

Palette desiring gratifying flavors

My appetite is whet…


Do not offer me dessert



( PhotoPin: photo credit: <a href=””>only alice</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;)



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  1. I was trying to comment on your latest post but “wordpress” says I’m now blocked. Very sorry to get that message but OK I wish you continued success and enjoyment that you derive from your writing.

    Bob Cloud

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