Writing and Routine



I should be writing, of pleasant

Dreams and the usual things,

The jester’s in court after all


I should be rhyming, words within

Reason while they’re in season,

One never knows when they’ll fall


Laboring efforts by a hand with a pen

Or fingers on keys, if only to begin

Dawn turns to dusk on another day

Stories unfold, as is their way

My desk bids me to sit, continue to stay

Surely I’ll finally find something to say…


I don’t usually mention my children on this blog, but I am going to say something now – It’s been three weeks of Christmas vacation for my children and they need to go back to school! Thankfully, that day comes Monday. I’m hoping that my brain returns to full function then, as well. I’ve had one truly productive day in this time, and that was only because they were at their grandparent’s house! Isn’t that awful? I simply need the peace and quiet, at least 20 minutes where I’m not being called upon for a snack, stop an argument between brothers, or soothe an upset child after a skinned knee or a forehead-meets-doorknob incident. Can anyone out there relate?

One great entertainment I’ve thoroughly enjoyed during this break time – my little guy has a penchant for story telling. He has been sharing stories with me nearly every day, and wow, he’s got a creative little mind! I love it. However,  I’m very much looking forward to getting back to routine.

This year I have two professional objectives – write, write, write and grow my yoga business. I don’t make resolutions so much as I set goals.

How about you? Are you a resolution maker? Do you like to follow a routine? If you have kids, how long of a Christmas break do they get? Let’s chat…


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  1. I think every work-from-home parent out there can relate to this one, Sheila. The Sheldon in me is anxious to get my family’s routine back. I had the added bonus of having hubby home for two weeks. Not that it wasn’t a delight to have him on vacation, but well, let’s just say I’ll be pleased to get everyone back where they belong. 😉

  2. I didn’t work from home, but when my kids were young I’d get up at 5 to write. Now I still do, but not because they ‘intrude’ on my writing, the rest of my world does 🙂

    No resolutions here either, but a goal to drop the weight I gained in 2012 plus five pounds, to publish TWO novels and FOUR or more short stories, and get my third novel near completion. yikes…

  3. I’ve been out of work for a while and I’m at home most of the time. I know exactly what you mean! My kids went back this past Thursday. I love them to death, but I was so glad to get my routine back! I’m actually accomplishing things now. I’m not downloading apps to iPods, playing Wii with them, or whatever else they need me for. I do enjoy being a Dad very much, and I always look forward to helping my children in any way I can, but I was in need of my routine! I totally feel ya!

  4. I enjoyed the poem and the blog posting accompanying it, Sheila! Our kids had a week and a half off I took the one week of Christmas off. They’re already back to school (since Wed) .

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping in. I hope your kids enjoyed their break as much as mine have enjoyed theirs, but let’s have a big ‘YIPPEE’ that they’re all headed back now! It was nice that you were able to take the week off to enjoy with them 🙂

  5. Wonderful post. I don’t have children (selfishly I’m just too, well….selfish!). I can’t imagine having to volley between the arguments, the fights, the needs to placate them. Ugh! So, I feel for you. As for resolutions, I try not to make them; they just set me up for disappointment later. Boy, I’m such a pessimist, aren’t I?!? 🙂 I work in a school, as you know, and we had two weeks off for break. Did I use any of that time to write as much as I could have? No, of course not. And I have no one else to blame for that except myself. At least you have good reason – a family to raise. I certainly hope you’ve gotten back into the routine you were hoping to find! 🙂

    • Thanks Sean and the routine has gotten nuts! My yoga business has exploded for the time being – I guess being the first of the year, folks really want to get themselves in shape, which is great but very demanding! Everything will finally mellow out into a workable routine. And as for you, young man, I’m expecting great things. It’s in you. Write it down! 🙂

  6. I had such fun with my son over the break period. Now he is two, the things he is learning, or attempting to do, or saying, are a mix of occaisional scares, surprise, amusement, and mostly fun. I’m loving it, and lets hope it continues. So I get where you are coming from with yours.

    Glad you enjoyed your break, and like the goals for this year.

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