Between Us


There are days when the words fall softly down upon me like a slow, sweaty rain on a warm summer day.Β  And then there are days where the words beat and torment, yielding pellets of stinging splatters that refuse to land in one puddle, deflecting linear thought completely. This was a soft day, and the words were a balm to the year’s wounds, where effort was relaxed and the pen enjoyed the rhythm. I wrote one complete short story and three poems today. I am sharing one of those with you now. How do you describe your writing days? Does your writing come on gentle breezes or on gusts of tormenting winds?


Between Us

We sit with little words between us,

Those that echo across empty rooms

To enforce the sentiment that bears

The burden of our own thoughts


Carry me away with you, to that place

Where once we loved to gather

An existence of newfound truth,

Oh, the glory of the past perplexing

The reality of the present


Circumstances beyond reasoning,

Beyond the control of the mind,

At the mercy of the heart

And the little words between us


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  1. I push and push to make my words come. On almost any given day, I can write a short piece, a commentary on something that is on my mind or reply with some clarity to a blog. I can even put a poem down. But when it comes to the short stories, the thing I need to do most, it seems the more I push, the less that comes. Then one day I will wake with a story in mind and the drive to get it done and it will just happen.

    It’s Heaven when it happens and hell when it does not.

    Still I push and push. It is what I must do.

    The poem was fantastic by the way.


    • I can completely relate to “It’s heaven when it happens and hell when it does not.” So glad you liked the poem πŸ™‚ I wish you all the best for the new year, and happy writing!

  2. Where do you come up with this?!? Excellent, as usual. I’m not a poet, nor do I write poetry (well, that’s a lie, sometimes I do), but you’ve got a grasp on it I don’t think I could have. Well done. πŸ™‚

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