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This post is a bit of a mish-mash of thoughts. First, thank you all for reading this little bit of me. My blog is a personal reflection of the things in my head, the characters that speak to me, and the visions I have of a fictitious world that I enjoy sharing with you. I appreciate every moment of time you spend here. When I started this journey, I was a little nervous about putting work into the blogosphere, putting myself out there to be critiqued and judged. When I was Freshly Pressed for the post, “Mood Music,” I was blown away by the responses and number of views. It was exciting and humbling. I’ve found in blogging a very supportive community and I am so very thankful I took the chance and I am so thankful for each of you.

One of my goals was to publish a book by the end of this year. I’m so thrilled I’ve achieved that goal with the 5-star reviewed, “Marked: Collected Ramblings.”  I am very excited to be working on new projects, one of them being a book of flash fiction based on black and white photographs my mother has taken. Her photographs will be included in the book. To see examples of her work, please visit Linda Segerson Photography.

Another project is a book of poetry and another book of short stories/flash fiction. I also have a novel in mind – very scary project for me. The novel is absolutely intimidating to me, and if this one comes together as I envision, it may possibly work into a trilogy – very, very daunting for me to even think about, but I’ve already started some free writing and research for it. I’m not putting too much pressure on myself for this particular project, though, because I know me – I know that I don’t outline, which seems would automatically make the task more challenging. Plus, I must really ‘feel’ the writing, love the story and enjoy the work or I won’t finish it. If all those things come together, well then book magic may ensue.

One realization I’ve come to is that I can be brave in my writing and I will be. My editor, Scott Morgan of Write Hook says to “write for the jugular” and that’s what I intend to do. I won’t hold back, and I will be authentic for both the characters and the story. I will not fear criticism, she says, clearly determined to make herself believe.

As I see it, 2013 is full of promise and possibility – why not dream big and plan big? I wish for you all a happy new year and that you all pursue your dreams to the fullest. So, want to share some of yours for the new year? Any big plans, writing or otherwise? I would love to hear all about it!

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  1. “Write for the jugular” That’s great advice. 🙂 I don’t know if I have any goals, as such, although there are things I would like to happen. My plans are to write and submit a lot of stories, to progress another step or two along the path of my long term goals. Happy holidays!

  2. Like Carrie, I have no doubt you will succeed. I never outline, just start with an idea then write until I’m done. Then edit the crap out of it. I hope you have Scott edit the novel. I can tell you, he’s fantastic at that. He’s now done one novel and three short stories for me. Love that man.

    I plan to publish Suicide City (first novel). While I wait to hear from the last 2 places I submitted, I’m researching self publishing and hope to get it out there, somewhere, before March. I’ll also publish four short stories, and plan on finishing the second novel by summer and the third by years end. I agree, 2013 is full of promise. 🙂

    Glad to have found you, Sheila. You are a talent and a dear sweet person all rolled into one.

    • Oh my goodness Julie – I had you pegged for an outliner for sure! It gives me hope that you don’t. I can’t wait until your book comes out!! And yes, there is no doubt I’ll stick with Scott for as long as he sticks with me. I really like his way of doing things. You sound like you have a wonderful year of plans and writing. You are the gem though! Glad we’re buddies, but you should know that I’m not all that sweet – some days I’m more like one of those sour gummy worms 😛

  3. I have enjoyed all of your writings, posts – poetry, on your site I’ve found so far, I am thankful you overcame your nervousness and put yourself “out there” for us to enjoy…

    I still dream of getting a children’s book or two out for the iPad, it was a dream a few years ago before life took a turn, my art and some of my words… my art and some of Julie’s amazing children’s poetry. There are so many beautiful works available now in that media, but I still hope something of mine can find it’s way out there. And of course, I’d like to find my art again. So 2013 is a year to finish things for my family, feel prepared for the future, and perhaps find the brain matter and steam to finish these projects I started what seems like a lifetime ago.

    And, I agree with Julie… but ya, some days pucker the lips, embrace the sour, the sweet is much sweeter.

    • So good to hear you have some projects in the works. You should definitely go for it! Between you and Julie, the two of you would be an unstoppable force on the world of writing! Here’s to an amazing 2013 for us all!

  4. Another great post and yep I can relate. Mish-mashed brain waves and thoughts that richochet symphonically off the walls in my head like an old Italian oater. Oft times when I happen to create a sentance that actually expresses a clear and coherant thought I’m so surprised that I reel back away from the screen and careen off the office wall..Then I my gasps of disbelief turn to a hysterical giggle that morphs into a wild maniacal shreik of joy that is difficult to explain when the police show up at my door later urging me to please hold it down.

    • I love it! You are too modest because I’m thinking you have those moments all the time – I’m surprised you haven’t been arrested yet 🙂 Happy New Year to you and here’s to lots of maniacal shrieks of joy!!!

      • ..and to you Sheila Pierson, a great and healthy and happy new year to you and yours and many thanks for your words that bring us smiles and thoughful ponderings.
        Oh and FYI, all charges were reduced down to community service….

  5. Sheila, you’ll likely do well. I’d recommend an outline to keep yourself on track plot-wise, but nothing too oppressive since you do visualization so well and I’m guessing you’ll be good at character building too. Don’t hesitate to ping me on email if you think I might offer any advice of value. Last, based on the picture you used here, I’d strongly recommend upgrading your laptop.

    • Thanks for the encouragement Tom! I appreciate the offer of help, too 🙂 And yes, I’m thinking the laptop is in serious need of replacement… although I never have to worry about losing my internet connection with this model… 😛

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