My Fair-Haired Boy



Son, there is none more good –

You have a crown on that fair head


Strong and pure,

Loving through and thoroughly from your soul

My dear one


Pleasantness is your nature

Grace is on your side


All of this would seem to make you

Blessed, but I am the fortunate one,

For having the honor to carry you in my womb,

Care for you and be guided

By your example


My oldest inspired this – he is a gem, an old soul trapped in a young body. Not even a cynical writer like me can find a grain of irritation to write about today.


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    • Thank you – I wish I could say this was true for my redhead, but he’s a redhead, and pleasantness and grace just don’ fit that little fireball 😉 From everything you’ve said about your boys in your posts, they sound pretty amazing!

  1. I think it is ok to be inspired by our children from time to time. I only hope my lad can grow up along the lines he is now, because he is a nice little lad, and not at all selfish which is unusual for a child his age. Hopefully I can continue to do him justice.

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