Contractual Obligation


Married a decade or so, but she never made him a home

Got kids and pets and duties, she’d rather moan and groan

Won’t pick up a dish, except to pile the food on high

Laundry’s left undone, husband goes commando most times

The floors haven’t been touched in long past several years

The bathrooms are perfectly conditioned to grow bacterial fears

Her old man began to possess the expected wandering eye

And she has the unbelievable audacity to wonder why

No matter, she’s stuck with him and he’s got her for sure

He said and dare I quote, “no one else would have her”

They put up with each other, for reasons left unsaid

It sure ain’t love folks – ah, unhappily ever after wed



PhotoPin photo credit: <a href=””>Photography by Jessie</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;

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  1. Speaking as probably the most elder in the group here and one who needed to do more to help my marraige when I was in this position, I can honestly say that now, these many years later I’m glad I did. Both parties gotta work at it.

    • I had to take a shot at women here since I’ve taken so many at men in my writings. My writing tends to take a cynic’s view oftentimes – I’ve been widely influenced by the work of Dorothy Parker, though, and that comes through a good deal.

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