The Miles


Satisfied and justified, the willful heart prevails

Across the miles, no matter that blocks stumble,

Difficulties challenge the peace of mind


Yet, we love; crave the touch of one another’s skin

Across the miles, no matter the spaces between

Us, wanting and defying the odds


Once more, tell me you love me, desire me

Across the miles, no matter how hungry the heart

Remains, borrow a little time


For you and I, the seconds pass

Across the miles


Image courtesy of PhotoPin photo credit: <a href=””>jrodmanjr</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;

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  1. Because of the way my wife and I met, we had a few times where I was in the UK and her in the US, although the gaps were never too long, and we could communicate daily via webcam. But we survived ok with little hassle other than just not being together. That is how we knew we were right for each other, or one of the reasons. Even with that, it was easy.

    This poem reminds me of those times. Nice picture too.

  2. love this one Sheila. even though I can see it straight up, I can see it as if that special one was just a few short miles from you. ones heart can defy all the odds when both have been through troubling times. good things sometimes have to fill the gaps slowly to have that scintillating effect when it finally comes together:))

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