It’s a little bitter pill that you’ve got to learn to swallow

He’s a little tiny man who only knows to follow

You fell for him, and he fell for you

Ties that bind unwind and undo;

Simple heartache for the simple few


Swirling, random pieces, made of cosmic dust

Thinking we matter, we only matter if we must;

Notice is given to the stars, their faces shining for the blind

Whatever is the matter? Is this a surprise?

Insignificant, tiny atoms on a planet made of many

Wear your $600 shoes, while little feet don’t have any


Grab, take, devour the downtrodden,

Walk on their backs in your pleasant greedy garden

Laugh at parties, sip your wine

Your fingers are nimble, your bones are fine

You’re as big as a mountain in your own little mind


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  1. though I can see this in the direct sense as to the child, but I see plenty of references here as in the muse. that piece or many pieces not yet fully ready are just children in your own mind. specific references in your piece would be, “swirling, random pieces made of cosmic dust.” the first stanza can be parlayed as to the relationship of the muse being separated from oneself. as to the last stanza, that is where it comes to fruition. you could almost see it as finding a way to exist in a culture that really isn’t cut out for oneself. kinda jumped around a bit, but it’s early in the morning before I head off to the castle of freezers. have a great day Sheila:)

  2. With my literal interpretation of poetry, you have made me want to go out and make a donation to a worthy cause. In other words, you triggered my guilt. Well played, Ms. Pierson, well played… 😉

      • I hope somebody would kick my a$$ if I ever even considered spending that kind of money on clothes or shoes. If I could, I hope I wouldn’t! I spent $12 on my wedding dress, found at a discount store going out of business. I’m cheap and I’m okay with that… 😉

      • I bought my wedding dress of the rack, too. It more than served its purpose. I did finally order some new sweaters. Everything I have is years old and black or tan. Time for some color.

      • The only thing famous about me will probably be those ugly black shoes, but yes, I plan to post about my book signing experience on Thursday. Guess that means I better get busy writing something…

    • Oh my goodness Tom, what am I presenting to the world in my little bits of drivel anyway? I’m not so harsh am I? …. Okay, sometimes, when I witness injustice or some heartless bastard doing somebody wrong or… well, you get the idea, but usually I’m very nice or try to be 😉

      • I was mainly kidding. I suppose the curiosity is this: how much of the slicing comment of your piece is actually yours?

      • Are you asking if this is how I really feel? Well, I’ll answer this way – I can’t stand to see a giant boot smashing a tiny neck. I was in line in a store, a very young mom with her newborn were at the front of the line trying to get tuna and milk on something called W.I.C. (the gov. program to ensure healthy foods for poor moms and babies). The tuna wasn’t recognized by the scanner and the manager refused to let her have it, even though she insisted a W.I.C. sign was on the shelf. I was pissed. Mom and baby were crying at the register. I followed the manager, whom I found peeling the W.I.C. label off the shelf where the tuna was and confronted the weasel. I can’t stand that kind of heartlessness. That was 10 years ago. I carry things around with me a while and sometimes they slip from my arms onto the page 🙂

      • Did I mention to remind me never to piss you off? Actually I have a lot of that in me too. I have a good friend who sometimes calls me “Big Scary” in a protective sense…

  3. I’m often making similar comments about people not realizing how good they have it, seemingly thinking they are owed all these things, but not wanting to help others. In the grand scheme of things, usually their problems are easily solved or insignificant. Some people just want too much of things. Others need a bit of help, or a more fair share.

    Anyhoo, nice poem, I think it makes a good point.

    • Thanks. I guess what bothers me is that we (as a people on a planet) have reached a place where we don’t exercise enough self control. It’s what I want first, then what you need second or maybe not at all. And I’m not talking about giving to everyone, as a handout, but when you see a nation of people starving and dying and suffering, and yet we (in the U.S.) have spoiled 7-year-olds running around with cell phones and complaining they don’t have an iPad, it seems like a very large imbalance to me. I suppose I’m on a bit of a rant 😦

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