Why Do You Write?


What moves you? What inspires you? Why do you write? What in the hell makes you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard?


I could have never answered these questions when I first starting writing when I was 8 or 9 years old. Besides the fact that I was a kid, I didn’t know why I wanted to write – I just did. I thought everyone spent endless amounts of time creating their own worlds, writing stories and poems. I grew up without television until about that age. Our religion dictated that we have no TV, so we didn’t have one. I did a lot of reading starting at 4 to 5 years of age and then I suppose I began making up my own stories. I took the writing for granted for a while as an adult. I hope I’ve gained enough wisdom with age to know better on that front. So, how about you? What’s your story? Why do you write?


harmonicas,music,musical instruments,wind instruments


Playing My Song


Let the verse drip from your tongue,

Allow the melody of your heart find the poetry of my soul

I feel your rhythm

Your vibe is pure

I’m dancing to your tune; play on…



(Image courtesy of Microsoft Office Clipart)



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  1. This is a great question and not as easy to answer as one would think. But honestly, I think the main reason I write is because I love to make things up. And that made up stuff comes out of my fingers much better than it does my mouth. 🙂

  2. Yes well, that’s quite easy. Mostly rage and a disaffection with the conventional mechanisms of the world that allow a disparity that, while might see me on the fortunate side of the ledger, leads me to wonder about those on the other side overly much. Hatred of ignorance is also a compelling reason, as is the occasional wave of despair and quite often the need to smash things. I also think this has something to do with the monkey, who is sort of a muse, kind of an inspiration, but is also a real-life figure that occasionally takes over and taps on the keyboard while I am passed out (he often feeds me drinks, that dastardly deceitful little beast). Oh yes and the final thing is voices. Voices that mumble and scurry about just out of sight, yet always find a way to elevate themselves into prominence. I do so hate them, but monkey believes they are therapeutic in some way, and who am I to argue with the monkey? PS. I like your answer a lot better, upon reflection.

  3. love the little melody of verse:) my real introduction to words started when I was about 10 while I read “the pit and the pendulum” by poe. even at that age I could connect to it. as I got older lyrics by musicians had a big part of my development. for me words have feel and they have provided me with depth and insight over the years that I just don’t get out of real world of spoof so to speak. from a real personal side of it though, it helps fill voids – confidence booster – some healing here and there. that’s about it.

  4. Therapy 🙂 Although I didn’t start writing my blog with the intention of ‘venting’ but it helps to write about it all… what I understand and what I want to understand. It’s also like a record of progress, helps me know how much I’ve grown!

    • I love your description of writing as “a fun illness.” That is perfect! And yes, I feel the same way when people say they hate to write, and even more so when they say they hate to read 😦

  5. I live a professional life of rules and compliance and balancing and correctness. No creativity to speak of. Writing is my outlet for the nutty shit that runs through my brain and has to escape somehow before I start living in the fictional realm instead of just writing about it. I write to experience things I would never consider trying first hand, or would never have the chance to otherwise. I suppose I live an exciting life vicariously through my characters. When I type that out, it just sounds kind of pathetic. 😀

    • And chickadee, your cup runneth over with creativity! And after reading some of your work, I certainly don’t want you living it out – much better to keep it on the page LOL And I don’t think that’s pathetic at all!!! Your mind is a veritable funhouse 🙂

  6. I write becuae I have things in my head that want to get out. I write because being creative helps my mind keep active, at least in one sense. I write because I want to learn and keep growing, and the writing, writng exercises, creative things, all go hand in hand with that.

  7. I’m not sure I can really articulate why I write. I dreamed of being a novelist from the time I was 9 until I was in my early 20s. One day about twenty years later, I was relaxing in my apartment when suddenly my brain goes, “OMG! I has this greatest idea for some fiction!” and I’ve been writing ever since.

  8. We write to make the other voices quiet… and I can’t believe you actually admitted to using MSOffice clip art 🙂

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