Spider Ego


animals,arachnids,bouncing,nature,webs,spiders,web animations,wildlife,web elements

Creeping, crawling, quickly scurrying

I’m an eight-legged beast, furry in the strangest places; and eyes,

My eyes that search nooks and crannies for a

Place to spin webbing for a hunt, seeking to capture

Juicy delights


Oh, failed to mention, only the size of a small pea,

Making fools of human bipeds,

Squealing, running, and trying to fitfully squish

little ole me…



Okay, dear reader, tell the truth if you can – Have you ever had an accident, near accident or nearly gone comatosed from spider fright? Please share your freakiest spider interaction…


(Image courtesy of Microsoft ClipArt)

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  1. that one left a smirk on face, but i certainly understand where others would not think to kindly of the spider. i’ve never had any issues with a spider as to near accidents, but though i’m not afraid of bees and when one gets in the car while i’m driving, it has my attention to get that stinging fool out the winderr….hahaha.

    • Yes, you bring up a good point with bees. Those little tiny stingers get my attention, too! Spiders are simply creepy to me – they look creepy and act creepy and I really think they enjoy being creepy 🙂

      • creepy is the correct word for the spider. i don’t mind them if they are in their place, but if i were underneath a crawl space, they’d be a bit bigger you know. your eyes get a little wider during the task:)

      • I don’t know, but keep them away from me! As much as I love Samuel L. Jackson, I couldn’t bring myself to see “Snakes on a Plane.” No way, no how. 🙂

    • Ah, now see, I’m just the opposite. We have a pet snake and a pet lizard and I’m completely okay with those guys 🙂 I’ll never forget one time my husband had been outside and walked through one of those huge fall webs that seem to show up out of nowhere. When he came in he asked if the spider was on him and I was mean and acted as if it was. He was jumping up and down and carrying on like I’ve never seen. I laughed til I cried. It was truly mean, though, because he had been bitten by a brown recluse before and so he was little spider unfriendly after that 🙂 Luckily, he did forgive me…

  2. Spider story huh? OK, many years ago in a land far away called Omaha I got transfered from Offut Airforce base to another job site at Dover Airforce base in Dover Delaware. Nope, no spiders in Omaha but to get to Dover I had to buy some wheels so I bought a brand new Chevrolet Impala Super Sport. Nowadays they look old and quaint but then it was a real hottie (car hottie). So I get up early one morning and hit the newly opened interstate heading east. I’m a 22 year old in a pretty fast new car with the local AM station beaming out the newest rock n’ roll hit with the speakers cranked to eleven and right then life is good. Somewhere in the next five minutes I came up a rise and as I topped the hill the sun suddenly hit me square in the eyes so I grabbed the sun visor and pulled it down and as it came down something else came down with it and bumped me in the nose. Now I’m swatting at what I thought was some little benign bug as it continues to bump my face, I’m swatting and it flutters in my ear then on the back of my neck, then the other ear and eyebrows and then I realized what I was seeing in my squintings eyes was a spider web attached to a huge number 10 black spider about the size of that zip code with what in that instant aopeared to be a hundred legs each a yard long. They probably heard me scream in Chicago. Of couse I hit the ditch at about Mach 2 while trying to swat this alien invader with the 1 foot long poisonous fangs as it continued to attack me trying to gain control of the car itself, because right at that time it could drive better than I could. So me and the Black Widow from Hell are going toe to toe and I’m trying to steer the car while standing on the brakes. Long story short I finally got in a solid swat and knocked it across the car and into the passengers window and in that brief second I finally got control of the car and when I looked at where it had been two seconds ago it was gone. Second scream heard in Chicago. When I got stopped, I was right in the middle of the interstate with people driving by shakings their heads at what appeared to be some drunk kid in his daddy’s car. A truck pulled up behind me with all his lights flashing and walked up looking for the cause of this seeming disaster that curiously was not sitting in broken glass. When I told him what had happened he broke out in a gale of laughter and continued chuckling all the time we looked for Aracnazilla. Never found it. I’ve read stories over the years about Bigfoot sightings in that part of the world but I know what it really is they see and it’s probably still pissed.

    • Oh my goodness – I have laughed so hard reading your spider story that I nearly hurt myself 🙂 That is a classic tale and I love the name you gave the horrid beast – Aracnazilla – that’s awesome! I was hoping someone had a great spider story and you have delivered! Thanks for sharing. By the way, the car is a classic…

  3. Spiders haven’t had much luck with , neither have the snakes or the lizards ….human beings are the exception though . 🙂

    • Just a bit of fun there… for me, spiders hold a real creepiness factor. The thought of 8 sticky legs along my arm or leg… I shudder! The one that really bothers me the most is the one I should never be concerned with – granddaddy longlegs – so creepy….

    • Just a bit of fun there… for me, spiders hold a real creepiness factor. The thought of 8 sticky legs along my arm or leg… I shudder! The one that really bothers me the most is the one I should never be concerned with – granddaddy longlegs – so creepy….

  4. Not a big fan of spiders, but am not freaked out by them. My girlfriend, on the other hand, has had some hilarious reactions to discovering spiders on her limbs. Wait, did I say hilarious?! I meant horrifying, for her…still hilarious for me though, I’m evil.

    • I admit it’s pretty funny when you see somebody react to what should be considered a minimal threat, at best. We are giants next to them and they turn us into spasm-laden wimps 🙂 By the way, I’m feeling a bit honored right now – the infamous Daniel Nest has visited my tiny blog? It’s a good day 🙂

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