Don’t Close Your Eyes



Icy crystals suspended in the air around me,

The dream-wake state confused my clarity of thought.

Had I not been numbed by the cold that seeped into my bones,

I would have reached for one of the frozen jewels of moisture –

Something was wrong; it was then I caught a glimpse of an emaciated figure,

The sight grotesque, the terror immediate.

With one quick flash of lightning from my uncovered window

The creature scurried across the room,

Scaled the wall and found a dark corner to blend into.

I feared any movement on my part; wishing my bed could absorb me,

Knowing it wouldn’t;

I feared even to breathe, to blink my eyes

I feared to be alive in that moment, and though I tried to impress upon myself

To stay completely hushed, my heartbeat drummed through the silence of the room.

A deep clash of thunder caused me to startle, and another flash of the skies

Revealed a gray sunken face with hollow eyes, reflecting complete despair,

Compassionless depravity echoing a continuum of evil.

Another rumble, this time a low growl from the corner.

I understood the threat, I understood the ever-pressing finite moments of time

Passing in utter disbelief that monsters were real, and one was coming after me…



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    • Thanks Amber! I always cover my eyes when I watch scary movies – which isn’t often, but I’ve discovered in writing this that when I’ve got control of the pen it’s a little easier to handle the spookiness 🙂

    • HA! I’ll take that… lol I was just asking my husband what the last scary movie was I watched because I couldn’t remember, and we decided it was The Others or Signs – that’s about as scary as I can go. I can’t handle watching anything much scarier – Is that pathetic or what?

  1. Holy crap, Sheila! That was some serious, spooky, goose-flesh-raising stuff! I was honestly enamored the whole time reading it. That first line hooked me and I, too, was there in that bed, feeling that overwhelming feeling of dread. Good job!!!

    • Thank you! I feel like I did my job then 🙂 I’ve never been very good at the ‘scary’ stuff so I thought writing dark, scary material would be a good challenge for me. By the way, I loved YOUR blog post!!!

      • Thank you!! BUT, you’ve inspired me to write something creepy. I love, love, LOVE Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday. Honestly. I think it’s important for us to tap into our dark selves. Fortunately, most of my writing has a dark element. Sometimes I’m just really stoked to have met the people I have met. Writers like you, Julie, Jason, Krystal…well, you’re all inspirations. 🙂

      • I’m honored and you are certainly one of mine! 🙂 Be sure to let us all know when you’ve written something creepy so we can all enjoy it!

    • Sounds like a challenge! lol I’m so glad you enjoyed it – I always appreciate your thoughts, especially coming from such a talented writer/artist!

    • Thank you for stopping in and taking a read. I know the scary stuff isn’t for everyone but I’m sort of challenging myself this month to see what I can do with the genre… 🙂

    • I recommend an electric blanket or a cozy hearth 🙂 And sorry about that image – I went through countless pics before I found one like I imagined in my mind, and this one truly fit the bill. So glad you allowed me to creep you out…

      • Honestly, I love being creeped out, so this stuff is right up my alley and I quite love it. I am a massive horror movie fan too, so this was a great read.

  2. thankfully it’s only about a movie than another metaphorical creature that can create the same kind of fears. nice capture of a horrific moment. i myself can tolerate light horror. they say don’t watch them too late as they go to bed with you….haha.

  3. Thats a bit like how I feel on a Monday morning. That is interesting, it fits in with my comment from the other day about night time scariness. – Like it 🙂

    • It took a bit of searching to find just the right picture because I wanted exactly what I imagined. Since I’m no artist (stick people don’t even turn out when I’m drawing them) I rely on free images, etc and this one was exactly what was in my mind.

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