Neighborhood Watch


Creeping, weaving through the undisturbed night, he seeks darkness to shelter in a while, at home in places without light, comforted by the absence of burning oil. He wanders about with hungry feet, anxious to reap once more.

Still and silent he watches her sleep, up and down her breath does fall, until a burgeoning mound is felt, awakening his loins below. She looks to be his prize tonight, her lovely skin so fair, spotted with freckles he needs to touch, moonlight reveals a cascade of crimson hair.

His mind becomes a frenzied place of crashing thoughts and erotic rage, all seizing his frame until he fears he cannot hold back his lustful waves. He knows too well how this will end, and though he tries to pretend, an explosive fire burns on the wind, his fair find unable to defend.

She’ll shed tears as he makes his leave, and he’ll make himself her savior believe, crushing her innocence without reprieve, proving himself amongst worthless thieves. Stony is his countenance, the rush before now long gone and into the night he makes his escape, away from approaching dawn.

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    • So pleased to hear this -thank you. I love flash fiction, short stories and poetry for that very reason – you can get a lot of flavor in a little bite πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for popping in and commenting.

    • *blushes* – thanks a bunch! I like the phrase, “word painting.” And I wish you all the best on your new children’s book!!

      • Thanks, Sheila! I really hope that when you have enough stories and poems you’ll publish them in a compilation. They’re perfect for a collection.

      • Glad you feel this way since this is the plan πŸ™‚ I have been working on some flash/short pieces but I’ve been procrastinating a bit so I’m behind where I wanted to be. I’ll get there, though! Thanks so much for the encouragement and support πŸ™‚

  1. Have you ever woken up in the night with that slightly paranoid feeling, that slightly unsettling “something going on” feeling even if there isn’t? Well probably best not to read this then πŸ™‚

    • Haha!! If I didn’t before, I will now! lol I can’t see a thing without my glasses and I hated waking up to some creepy sound and not being able to see what it was – so I went to contacts (which I sleep in) and now I’ve decided that may actually be worse BECAUSE I would be able to see what’s making the creepy noise! Always a pleasure to chat with you πŸ™‚

  2. love the darkened element in this one, but yet it certainly moves one in those lustful directions. it certainly leaves me thinking of that real darkened situation of what some would partake in without actually saying it. you certainly leave a feel that makes it feel like it’s crawling up a wall. good one sheila !!

    • Thanks Don πŸ™‚ This one is pretty twisted…but this is an idea that absolutely terrifies me so I decided to tackle it head on. Always grateful for your thoughts!

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