Ignoble Knight


It’s that time of year when darkness haunts every corner and I feel I must do my duty during this month of goblins and ghouls by writing some dark poetry and prose. My last poem was “Cold Reality” and hopefully sent a bit of a chill up your spine. The one I’m offering today is more cautionary, yet dark and a bit on the dramatic side.

Ignoble Knight

You dug my heart out with a spoon,

Fed it to the hounds at my door;

Fearful, you’d have them all believe

It was only me who wanted more

You played me as a favorite instrument

Strummed my being with expert hands

Until you were forced to make a choice

Sweet lover, ‘tis far too inconvenient


How your chivalry would let me fall

On a rusty, barb-lined sword

I’ve learned from you, to never trust

A silver tongue with a loving word

Keep hiding, as you do it so well

But a note of caution my old friend

Take care of self-preserving accusations

Or my tongue will have plenty to tell


What is your favorite time of the year?  And since we’re on the subject, do the different seasons inspire different writing styles for you?


(Image courtesy of OpenClipArt.org)

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  1. Even though I love the warmth of summer, fall is probably my favorite season. Just love the smell that’s in the air and all those gorgeous leaves. But I don’t think one season or time of year inspires my writing more than others. It’s all about whether I have the time.

    • I’ve been known to put many a necessary task on hold in order to write, especially if I’m feeling inspired. I do like writing in Spring and Fall, but also a good dreary Winter day can be good for writing, in my opinion. I think I have a little seasonal affective disorder, though and when I’m blue I really get into the writing. Weird? Yes. But that’s me. lol Hopefully, you will be doing a good deal more writing and taking the time for it! You’re too good not to!

      • Thanks for the nice words, Sheila. I do need to find a better balance–I’m not getting enough time to write (but it’s my own fault 🙂 ).

    • I think if you’re prone to have a change in mood with the seasons your writing may reflect that, and mine does. And no, nice is definitely not the word… lol However, it is nice to have you drop in!

  2. this is very good sheila. it almost feels as if you wrote about my past. i have written a piece or two stemming from the seasons. i have a couple or so on my blog. have a sweet day sheila. it’s still nice up here by the mistake by the lake…hahaha:))

  3. The first line reminded me of Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves, where the Sheriff threatens to cut Robin’s heart out with a spoon.
    Guy: Why a spoon, cousin?
    Sheriff: Because it’s dull, it will hurt more, you twit!
    (or something like that 🙂 )

    • Ha! My point exactly. And quite the ignoble knight, that one was, too! I’d forgotten about that movie but I’ve seen it a couple of times. I wonder if things slip into our subconscious and resurface in ways years later, even if we don’t realize it’s happening??? Don’t let me get too deep here, though – I’ve only had one cup of coffee thus far today 🙂

  4. Spring is my favourite. I used to love the frosty mornings in the UK. Here in Southern California, I like it because there is some rain, and when it is hot, it is not too hot, more pleasant. – Nice piece anyway.

    • I like spring an awful lot, too. I can’t imagine how beautiful it must be in Southern California. I would imagine you never really have winter? We can get into minus temps here in the wintertime, and then other years it might be very mild, dropping only into the teens on the worst winter nights. I’m not a big fan of winter weather!

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