Cold Reality


deciduous trees,forests,nature,Photographs,pictures,plants,seasons,snowfalls,weather,winter

Slip into a winterโ€™s dream

My pillow is a mound of snow

My blanket, snowflakes, soft and clean

The ground is firm, icy greens above

Warm are the worms below


Tear-filled eyes slowly freeze

Black lashes open to the sky

My body, its secrets, seek reprieve

Painful is the grip that holds the heart,

Those memories of you and I


Spring comes, long is the wait

The snows melt, water trickles downhill

My body exposed, found too late

Feeding from me, the creatures underground

At least now, you never will


(Image courtesy of Microsoft Clipart)

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  1. definitely love the darkness here. obviously there is some two-fold action going on. but the part i want to hit on is earth’s relationship to mankind or vice versa. for example – tear filled eyes slowly freeze can be that of say the great lakes. when i look at your piece i can see how you use the elements of the upcoming season to reflect that of any relationship on the downward spiral.

  2. You are expressing the kind of dark, grim prose that I truly and genuinely love to read!! Sweetie, you’ve got something here. Don’t lose them – your poetry would make a great collection. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Aw! Thanks. I was considering including a few pieces like this with the little book of flash fiction I’m doing… wasn’t sure, though…

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