Down In This Place




I’m down in this place

Where the fish won’t bite

Where the music won’t play

Staring at a yellow moon of

Fear and fantasy today


I’m down in this place

Let the fortune makers know

Jam is in my window seals

Death is in the dough

Funny how we get our thrills


On and on we go

Yeah, on and on we go


I’m down in this place

The punch is spiked with grief

Catch a ride on the tilt-a-whirl

Best ride at the fair, save Sallie

Yeah, she’s your happy girl


I’m down in this place

Cream floats to the top

It’s all good til you realize

You’ve had your last drop

Swallow that mouthful of lies


On and on we go

Yeah, on and on we go



(Image courtesy of Microsoft Clipart)

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  1. Another good post, I’ve missed them this week. The ride that is life does have it’s tilts and turns, good and bad, sorrow and hope, good and evil. What keeps us going? Faith, hope and courage. Yeah, lots and lots of courage Hope you and yours are doing well.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words. I’ve been a bit behind on my blogging and didn’t get the best feedback on the last work I submitted to my editor – we all hit our rough patches don’t we? Good to hear from you 🙂

    • I don’t want to go there, either but I admit I’ve been there. Thanks always for the read. I’m frustrated as everything right now because I’m disappointed in some work I’ve written and can’t get a grasp on it. I think I’ve got too much going on right now and having trouble getting perspective. Ok, thanks so much for being my open-ended shrink. lol

      • I’m a bit in the same boat. So much going on that I don’t think I’m doing anything really well. I need to pick one or two things this weekend and just focus on them.

  2. I like the line “I’m down in this place”, it seems to set off a very haunting vibe, so it creates something, which is a good thing. It is a line that invites you to read between the lines – good 🙂

  3. you hit this one right one the head as to what i see that comes through. to me it’s like one has to wear that smile and pretend all things are grand in the culture of making a buck. sacrifice your life for anothers cause, especially if it wasn’t something one really didn’t like to begin with. for example, if one works for a convenience store with what i would call low wages, to me in a sense could be parlayed to that of a carnaval. it’s just a take, but i like to work them if i can. of course it can go in other directions too. love this spin sheila:)

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