The Unsolicited



Do you ever write something and truly have no clue where it came from, why the words oozed onto the page while you struggled to grasp their meaning, even though the need to write them seemed ever so pressing at the time? Oftentimes I think writers are a bit porous. We absorb our surroundings, whether it’s intentional or not. We ‘soak’ up conversations, attitudes, and the gestures of those around us. We see and then somehow take away warm pieces of sunsets, the fragrance emanating from fields of wildflowers and the pain and heartbreak of the suffering. Maybe we don’t realize we’ve even done so until words begin to find themselves pecked out onto a computer screen, making no sense to the writer at the time and yet trusting there is meaning.

I wrote this piece, still not having gained an understanding, believing there must be meaning in it I’ve yet to discover. It came out like water bubbling up from a natural spring.


The guiltless are full of treason,

Spotless, they’ll claim

you’d better know better

Their trust cannot be earned or gained


The fallout of their conspiratorial dialogue is evidence enough of their treacherous plot

Read the words they have tattooed in their eyelids

Do you still doubt?

Fine then…Follow them like sheep to slaughter

Fickle, bickering, hollow of heart


I am unsettled by this knowledge

You should be, too


I couldn’t even title it because of my uncertainty – maybe you can suggest one? Anything of meaning come to you when you read it? Love to hear your thoughts on unsolicited material that pops into your mind – just what do you do with it?


(Image courtesy of Microsoft Clipart)

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  1. Here’s mine: Powerful Lyrics
    Not really a title I know but If this was part of a Power Point presentation there would have been explosions of light.

  2. I experience the same thing in my writing from time-to-time…I’m not really certain what fostered the poem..but there it is…my Muse has her way with me again….enjoyed your poem.

  3. The Devil Disguised as a Prophet. That’s what came to my mind when I read it, but maybe that’s not the theme. Concrete mind I have, remember?

    I don’t know if I’ve experienced “unsolicited” writing, but I have had times where I’m surprised by what I end up with, since it wasn’t the outcome I’d envisioned. Perhaps that’s the same thing.

    • I think you may be on to something with the political overtones – I suppose that’s what I get for falling asleep with the television on… who knows what seeped into my mind 😉 Thanks so much for your comment!

      • Years ago, my daydreams were always of reading something. Either written by me or supposedly someone else,fiction or not. On awakening, fiction or not was tje only substance I could recall. This bit of yours was much like that. Maybe some automatic writing would bring out some real gems.

        People like to think of themselves as a whole, when they aren’t. I’ve met pieces in my dreams, And made peace with them.

        People like to also think they have free will,when I think we really only have the illusion of it. That too is something I’ve made peace with. Free will is perhaps our most powerful and sacred illusion.

        Did I consciously choose these things to write just now? I don’t believe so, but I am okay with that. Are you?

  4. I remember hearing Stephen King describe his Dark Tower series as one that “wrote itself”. By that he meant that he didn’t really know where it was going from volume to volume. To me, it’s the best way to write. I’m too allergic to planning to do it any other way.

    • I hate planning, too, but it works against me in getting things done in a timely manner. Although I’m allowing myself to be free to create what I like when I like, I have one too many projects that need finishing! Thanks always for your comments 🙂

  5. For the title, I’m thinking maybe: “Two-Face”, or “Double-Cross”… you know, something to catch that contrast you’re writing about. “Fickle…bickering…read the words tattooed in their eyelids… you’d better know better”,,,all this, and yet others are still “following like sheep to slaughter”. Sometimes we are unable to see others for what they really are.

    • Yes, I see that in there. Thanks for contributing. By the way, I’ve tried two different options to try to translate your blog and so far neither have worked 😦 I suppose I need to expand my language horizons!

      • Oh, I’m so sorry for that! 😦 I’ll try to write a bilingual post from time to time…

        Back to your post: have you ever expierenced a sudden dream, or feeling…and you knew right away how you wanted the whole thing to look, but couldn’t quite find the words to convert the vision into a story or poem, or even into a drawing? Then the feeling left you, but came back again after a while?

        I’ve been grappling with something like this for a few years now, and still can’t find the words, the right way to express it…

        What you wrote above reminded me about that dream of mine.

      • I can relate to this. There have been many times when I felt the need to write something, feeling it just under the surface and knowing it wants to come out but it won’t. It wakes me up at night, disturbs a yoga session, filters into my mind when I least expect it but I just can’t get it down on paper the way I feel it should be. I look at like a pot simmering, just letting those thoughts and feelings come together until they are finally ready.

  6. i can’t pick a title. carrie has got that one wrapped up. it certainly seemed a bit philosophical and i thought of neitzsche. but certainly i can see elements of the values of a hypocrite persay. it felt like you conjuring up things that had affected me in my past – not that you were. but i certainly dug this piece here.

      • i’m doing great sheila. this is the best i’ve felt in years as i think i have found some happiness. that hummingbird poem inspired by a femme if i mentioned that to you. the hardest part is being a romantic and having to deal with the reality. you know – taking it slow.

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