Amethyst Dreams


 butterflies,NVTOfficeClips,stars,tattoo designs,decorative elements

In this envelope of the cosmos, unsealed by the nimble fingers of time, where the Divine brushes the ordinary, a breath releases its destiny

Let one sigh wind its way through the atmosphere to fall against the naked lobe of a lover

Infinity is only unattainable if limitations are imposed –

What are your impositions?


Allow the caress of movement to be the guide; else faultless dust will land on the stoic

Fearless fortunes are made or broken this way


(image courtesy Microsoft Clipart)

17 responses »

  1. “a breath releases its destiny”—Chills, Sheila, chills. It’s no wonder I chose “imaginative” for my word for you. I tossed around “creative” and “poetic,” but they didn’t quite capture what I wanted to say. 🙂

    Lovely piece.

  2. Interesting. The idea of limitations and infinity. Some limitations give us balance and a means to compare. What we need is the feeling of no limitations, or the realisation that in some circumstances, there are less limitations than there appears to be 🙂

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