Experimental Morals


Do you like to experiment with your writing? Allow yourself to write ‘freely’ and see what happens? Sometimes I just want to be different and strange and if the shoe fits, weird.  I grew up loving Aesop’s Fables.  In my attempt to pay homage to those little moral tidbits, I allowed myself to write a fable of contrived moral strife from a contrived book of fables with ensuing lesson.  The following is the result…

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(Excerpt from an unpublished, unknown, fictitious book called “Fables of Folly”)

Slithering in the grass, quiet and unnoticed, eager to find the prey you hunger for  –  There, just across the way, she is as ripened fruit dangling from a low-hanging branch. You admire her, look her over – ah, she is blemished, weakened by some undetermined nature; even better you decide. Damaged prey is easy prey. Your senses tell you the time to strike is nigh – your movements are calculating, precise and unstoppable. You begin to consume her without thought, devouring the beauty before you, but you underestimated her. She was stronger than you had believed. Her body was soft but her spirit was fierce. Unable to defeat her and worse yet, let her go, you both succumb.

Moral: A dark heart of desire may be one’s own ruin.


Do tell – do you allow yourself to free write anything or do you strictly adhere to working on a piece your committed to, one project at a time? What are your thoughts on slithering snakes? How about morality? Anything you’d like to share, I’ll happily devour…


(Image courtesy of Microsoft Clipart)

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  1. There’s that lovely right brain of yours again. It will probably come as no surprise that I don’t free write. All my work is very specific. That being said, I did write a 10,000 word short story a few months back with no outline or anything. It was quite freeing. Of course, that first draft is a bit of a mess and will have to be cleaned up at some point, but it was fun to do.

  2. Well, you could work on the differences in myth and fantasy between the images and ideas relating to snakes, worms (so-called), and dragons (not always the same thing as worms, but sometimes). Just a thought.

  3. About 40 years ago I came across a beautiful edition of Aesop Fables (late 1800’s or early 1900’s) full of great un-attributed woodcut illustrations…the book is solid, clean and bright and has 23 pages of scholarly notes after the 82 fables the cover is bright and eye catching blue gray with silver leaves and red flowers preface by Joseph Jacobs…I enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed yours.

  4. I tried that a while back and it came out pretty good. More recent efforts, not so much. I don’t really have a blog more like a hitching post for unruly horses.
    It can be reached at http://www.paywindow7.wordpress.com and the post is titled “Flight HIstory” if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

    I’ve been dropping in occasionally and really enjoy your work so now I’m following and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  5. Sometimes I do actually freewriting sessions where I just sorta channel the spirits of writing and just ramble on about whatever comes to mind as long as my fingers don’t stop. More commonly I’ll do what I call “exploratory” or “discovery” writing. Most of the time I use these sessions to try out rough I come up with set in the milieu of my WIP, either a revision I’m considering for my novel or ideas for a short story or something using the same characters. Other times I’ll do something that belongs to potential projects I want to work on in the future.

    Basically I have a big pile of unedited words. Some belong to the first draft of my novel. Some have become sort of proto-drafts of a couple of short stories that I can probably shape into proper first drafts with a little work.

    So, I mostly concentrate on stuff related to my WIP, but I allow myself the occasional diversion. It’s all good 🙂

    • I love your phrase of “channeling the spirits of writing” because this is exactly how I think of it, too! I’ll bet your big pile of unedited works is amazing by the way 🙂 And I happen to think those occasional diversions can feed a WIP – kind of get you out of one-way thought and open the mind to other possibilities. Thank you my brilliant friend for stopping by and commenting 🙂 I always enjoy your thoughts…

  6. Thank you for sparking a new idea for my writing. Been feeling like it’s getting stale. I’ll have to give this a go! 🙂

  7. I tried posting a response earlier, but my network signal on my phone dropped out, and it wouldn’t post, so I’ll try to remember what I thought of earlier.

    Anyhoo, I would say I don’t free write too much. The Poetry pretty much is though, and has been one big experiment for me given I wasn’t even keen on it, not too long ago. 100 word fiction also free to a point, the point being the obvious limitation. Generally though, I prefer a plan. The actual story ideas I find are more free. I like to have the basics of a few stories wandering through my head, and it is fun thinking about them. Longer projects need the plan otherwise there is too many tangents. Maybe if I had more time I would be more experimental.

    Good idea for a post!

    • I like the idea of the 100 word fiction but it’s darn difficult! I’ve tried it once or twice. I’ve decided to simply enjoy the efforts of those more proficient with this talent, such as yourself 🙂 Thanks always for coming by and sharing your thoughts!

  8. yup, i try to experiment whenever i can. Often, ideas just present asking for different presentations, and then I try, with varied success. I think it is most important to play with voice, narrative structure and POV, maybe even write things 2 or 3 different ways and see how different they feel.

  9. I was all about ‘free writing’ during my pre-posting time. It was good practice, but most of my writings came out mysterious and heavy with symbolism. Since I’ve started sharing my writings through my blog, I’ve symplified the themes and the writing style.

  10. I understand the symbolism aspect coming into play with free writing – I find this to be true, as well, but I like it. Of course, I use my blog as my own little writing universe to explore themes and ideas so it’s fun for me and I learn a lot from all of you who comment and share! 🙂

  11. I can write about anything, and sometimes that random thing does interject itself into the writing stream.

    I don’t mind snakes, but my father has always hated them. He told me that once, in Asia, his troop of soldiers (seamen) was going through a forest. Their guide told them to be absolutely quiet. They proceeded for quite a distance making little to no noise. Upon reaching a clearing, they asked why the silence? He turned around, clapped his hands once loudly, and thousands of snakes fell out of the trees to prey on the (non-existent) animals below.

  12. I always free write when inspiration strikes –then I tuck the paper into a folder of book ideas I have in my file cabinet. You never know what will prove to be the nugget of inspiration for my next project!

    • So true! What drives me nuts is getting those inspirational ideas at 2 a.m. because I know if I don’t get up right then and jot them down I’ll never remember in the morning. Of course, after reading some of those gems in the light of day it wouldn’t have been that much of a loss 🙂 lol Thanks always for taking the time and stopping in!

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