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You’ve been a lot of fun, now off you go

I may have said I love you, but it was all for show

With tiny graceful feet, I’ll walk you through and through

Wisdom now affords you all those things you wished you knew

Before I settled on your lap, before the days of happenstance

Before the penetrating wand of discovery,

My ways of disregarding emotional usury

Golden rays distorted time; I placed my back against the earth

Delusional value delivered up countless good –

Funny how we think worthless trinkets have worth


(Microsoft ClipArt – image)

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  1. How true you last line rings…I was thinking how people respond to those Mardi Gras trinkets tossed along the parade route…like the words of affection expressed by some in a relationship..just a sprinkling of affection to hold one near for awhile.

    • Yeah, I saw her this morning where she was saying that she brings her own cleaning supplies to hotels, brings towels from home to lay down on the floor to walk on and takes the comforter off the bed. I laughed because I do the same kind of thing – I always bring my own disinfectant and clean everything, including the remote control! lol I’m a total germaphobe! Oh, and thanks on the poem:)

      • Okay–I have to show my husband this comment. He thinks I am weird because I’m so paranoid about germs in hotel rooms. He laughs when I check the sheets to be sure they’re clean, etc. Now I can tell him HE’S the weird one. 🙂

      • Absolutely girlie! I’m one of ‘those’ people who use disinfectant wipes on grocery cart handles 🙂 And I’m not ashamed of it either! lol

  2. really like this sheila as i can pick up on a couple of different things. but for me the one that’s glaring is probably the one that’s always gotten under my skin – that to me would be the diamond. it’s not everything as i see it. hope all is going well as it for me:)

    • You and I have talked before about how poetry is one part interpretation and one part intent, so I think it’s wonderful that different people gain different ideas and thoughts from a piece of poetry and writing. And yes, things are going great,so glad they are for you, too!

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