Friendship, Features and Fun


First and foremost I want to thank Mike Schulenberg, friend extraordinaire, for all his help when my internet connection went a little bonkers last week. I was ecstatic to see my blog post, “Mood Music” featured on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed and then tortured that I wasn’t able to respond right away to the majority of comments until later. So thank you, Mike, for posting on my behalf to explain the situation.  I am truly grateful for all of you who took the time to look at, read, or comment on my post. You are all very much appreciated!


I got some great news, too, that my poem “A Fragile Pirate” is going to be featured on Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog in October!  She previously published my flash piece called “Baby Fat.”


I recently spent some time at the beach – I haven’t had my toes in the sand in a very long time and am allowing the experience to influence my writing a bit. Please indulge me. I was listening to the music below as I wrote, so I thought I would include for you to enjoy, as well.


One Grain by Sheila Pierson


Angry waves slap fearful flesh,

My feet fight to stand on the shifting ground beneath


Life washes in and out like the tide, foamy bubbles of

Happiness, grief and silence rise to the surface, making an

Appearance of importance


If I drown in your salty skin will you absorb me?

Take me then, down to the depths of your seduction

Entreat my bones to give up their fleshy covering

Give me over to the inhabitants of your world,

Your thunderous roar covers my cries of surrender


It is with this, as with need and hunger, and all that wills the soul

To reach and gnaw and feed on that which is prey



How’s your week going? How’s your writing going? Please share…

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  1. Big congrats on being Freshly Pressed! But how frustrating to not have reliable Internet access at such a time. And congrats on your poem being featured. It’s easy to understand why. 🙂

    • Thank you bunches! It WAS so frustrating. I’ve learned a hard lesson about places that offer ‘free wi-fi.’ You should have seen me – I was having those ridiculous Daffy Duck fits between begging the connection to stay on for only ‘one more minute.’ It was sad.

      • I bet you were. Your posts and tweets suggest you are very conscientious, so I imagine some Daffy Duck moments were inevitable. I would have been sputtering right there beside you. 🙂

  2. Great post (as usual). Writing is going great and Long Lost Song is selling well. I’ve just heard that the ebook version is available, so we’ll see how that goes. Love sand in my toes.

  3. congrats twice over 🙂 awesome news! As for my writing, words are leading the way to a happier tomorrow, so yay!

  4. Congratulations your poem “A Fragile Pirate” to be featured!

    Your poem, “One Grain” – beautiful reflections of your adventures and the delicious cello – a happy body and mind floods the blank page… and the stirring seductive sea

    sunbathing beauty
    swelling tide rolls in and out
    Aphrodite dreams


    David in Maine USA

  5. Congratulations on your post being featured on freshly pressed, and the featured poem.

    I like this one as well. Truth be told, having read a lot of yours, I think you write a good standard of poetry. No pressure or anything 🙂

  6. After a busy day I was delighted to find and read your beautiful poem. So powerful! It sent goose pimples over me as your words took me to the seduction of the ocean and the lover it became. 🙂

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