Blue Cocoon


We’re in the same house but different rooms

You’re in a shell, I’m in a blue cocoon

The way the sky looks, sun glaring on the two of us

Illuminates the damage we’ve both done


Hazy thoughts of yesterday still remain

Laughter and once-upons filter through the day

Like water from a creek river-bound, soft rush of sound

We keep flowing down, down, down


We’ll finally get tired of the silent grief

We’ll seek an answer just to get relief

There’s no going back to a place you never been

You can smile and nod your head, but it’s all pretend


I’m breaking free of my blue cocoon

Rolling, tumbling, loose I’ll fly

You can stay or run from your  self-locked room

I’m dancing on this grave of goodbye

The rhythm’s in the loss; you’ll always wonder why


 (Image courtesy of Microsoft Office ClipArt)

18 responses »

  1. sheila….you really have this nice smooth feel in the dark elements as to the words, but they have such a high impact as to the feel of them. i really admire what you do. your line – “i’m dancing on this grave goodbye” is a great line in my opinion:)

  2. If you weren’t a poetess
    You would be a magician …
    For your words flow like a prayer
    epiphany is your religion ….

    Love this piece Sheila …. God bless

      • Keep writing
        Keep smiling
        Make a bridge to the hopes
        with the cantilevers of your dreams….

        Keep bobbing
        keep rowing
        Keep the horizons in sight….

        The golden sands await for you ….

  3. good use of rhyme, and i like how there isn’t a set and exact rhythm. favorite is, “Like water from a creek river bound, soft rush of sound.” keep up the creative ways to flow 🙂

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