What If?


Some of you know that occasionally I’ll write song lyrics. I’ve been sitting on these a little while so I thought I’d share. It’s hard to judge a lyric without hearing the music but the music is stuck in my head (as I’m not a musician).  I will say that I hear something contemporary and upbeat with the words. Songs are strange, they’re not poetry and yet they are. Anyway, have a go at critiquing these.

Female and bird in grunge design

              What If?

Don’t deny the possibility

Let go of your hypocrisy

Let me let you in one more time

We’ll find the dreams that you cannot hide


Walk along our own boardwalk

Drink the sky’s diamonds in the dark

Let go of the still to take a ride

Liquid motion floats us on a silent tide


What if… what if we went for it?

What if…what if you believed?

What if… what if there’s something more, only you and I can see?

What if we took a leap into our fantasies?


Sing the worth of every song

Take your turn even if it’s wrong

Play one for the truth of all mankind

Know you’re destined for this heart of mine


Shh, you don’t have to say it baby

No, no, no, dreams can come true


What if…what if we went for it?

What if…what if you believed?

What if…what if there’s something more, only you and I can see?

What if we took a leap into our fantasies?



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    • Passionate daydreamers living off a muse and drowning in the emotional toll of another line, another story, chasing characters around a corner, sometimes catching them 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Reads like a beautiful song. What’s the melody? I would love to hear how it sounds. Which singer do you think would sing it?

    • I just hear something upbeat and contemporary. I’m not a musician 😦 Wouldn’t have a clue who might sing it but I’m glad you liked it 🙂 I always appreciate you stopping in you know! I’ve had the pleasure of hearing some of my lyrics put to music before, when I had a songwriting partner. It was magical.

      • Me either! But it sounds like a nice song, whatever the melody sounds like.

  2. Sheila, did anyone ever tell you that you speak universal truths? Not everyone does, you know. First you have to listen, really listen, and you will soon hear the first, faint soundtrack of the universe. I was literally raised under a Steinway grand piano since my mother was a concert pianist of the first degree. Now she’s gone but her music lingers on in my heart. Your lyrics resonated with this writer’s soul and conjured up delicious repasts of “What If’s,” sung perhaps by the heavenly voice of Mr. Andrea Bocelli, accompanied on the Steinway piano by the amazing David Foster.

    • Wayne, your mom sounds as if she was an amazing woman and quite accomplished. She obviously imparted a love for the arts to you. I am so grateful you stopped by and took the time to leave your comments, and really happy you enjoyed this lyric. Thank you!

  3. I think this works Sheila. It’s good. I like song lyrics, and often my poems end up more like songs than poems. Probably as a result of listening to too much music! I don’t think that is a bad thing 🙂

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