Ornamental Wisdom


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This is the freedom of the spirit,

Soaring to reach the unknown when,

In the course of measured responsibility, bands are broken;

Invisible, self-imposed obstacles shattered.

Whisper in my ear the truth of your own desires

They are there, in wait, in want.

Desperation feeds exuberance or solitude,

Could go either way ā€“

Will you take the chance with me?

Will we find ourselves on the cusp of exhilaration, or be

Discovered plunging into a loveless silence?

Iā€™d rather know than not.

(Image courtesy of Microsoft Office ClipArt)

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  1. perfectly worded this is and the line that sticks out (because, well, i’ve said things) is “desperation feeds exuberance or solitude” and definitely two-fold as well as this whole poem. and just a small take here. we get ornamental labels in life as well as being writers. so why take the plunge into this pool:)

    • Hi – thanks Don. I normally don’t think about my poetry when I’m writing it and typically the pieces come out whole in one brief sitting and for the most part, finished. This one, was different. I thought I was done with it and then took one more look and a new line presented itself, completely unasked for, but I was happy about it. Glad you stopped by!

  2. Lets stretch our bowstrings
    Beyond the mundane elastic
    And make the nocked arrow
    To hit the bulls eye in the spirit …..

    Let’s climb the hills of resistance
    Against the will in creaking knees
    Let’s touch the green grass blades again
    Let’s own the spring leaves …..

    You are a magician with words …I must say ..

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