Girl, Insecure



Red-faced, embarrassed by her presumption,

Thinking he found her amusing, to his liking

She’s always been an easy touch, especially

When a man is involved;

Fool-hearted, with geeky ways, freckly faced,

Inexperienced, in over her head, always wondering

If she’s ever good enough


9 responses »

  1. ‘Girl, Insecure’.

    oh how those pesky thoughts stir our minds and leave us puzzled in our darkest hours…

  2. i know EXACTLY all about this. i do know about desperation and i’d throw that in there as well. this is about as straight up as you can get. nice sheila:))

      • anytime sheila – i saw that you had been there right after i sent yours. glad you liked:)) wait until you see my new one. it’s an old piece that i may have to touch up a bit but i’m sure it will get you to laugh.

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